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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

A. Brachner, D. Fraqouli, I. Duarte, P. Farias, S. Dembski, M. Ghosh, I. Barisic, D. Zdzieblo, J. Vanoirbeek, P. Schwabl, W. Neuhaus:
"Assessment of Human Health Risks Posed by Nano-and Microplastics Is Currently Not Feasible";
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, E8832 (2020), 17(23); S. 1 - 10.

M.J. Ryan, M. Schloter, G. Berg, L. Kinkel, K. Eversole, J. Macklin, D. Rybakova, A. Sessitsch:
"Towards a unified data infrastructure to support European and global microbiome research‐ A call to action";
Environmental Microbiology, Published online (2020).

A. Garcia-Lemos, D. Großkinsky, S. Saqib Akhtar, M. Nicolaisen, T. Roitsch, O. Nybroe, B. Veierskov:
"Identification of Root-Associated Bacteria That Influence Plant Physiology, Increase Seed Germination, or Promote Growth of the Christmas Tree Species Abies nordmanniana";
Frontiers in Microbiology, 11 (2020).

D. Gramaje, C. Berlanas, M. del Pilar Martinez-Diz, E. Diaz-Losada, L. Antonielli, S. Beier, M. Gorfer, M. Schmoll, S. Compant:
"Comparative genomic of Dactylonectria torresensis strains from grapevine, soil and weed highlights potential mechanisms in pathogenicity and endophytic lifestyle";
Journal of Fungi, (2020), 6(4):255.

M.J. Ryan, M. Schloter, G. Berg, T. Kostic, L. Kinkel, K. Eversole, J. Macklin, B. Schelkle, M. Kazou, I. Sarand, B. Singh, D. Fischer, E. Maguin, I. Ferrocino, N. Lima, R. McClure, T. Charles, R. de Souza, G. Kiran, H. Krug, J. Taffner, H. Roume, J. Selvin, D. Smith, D. Rybakova, A. Sessitsch:
"Development of Microbiome Biobanks - Challenges and Opportunities";
Trends in Microbiology, xx (2020).

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