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F. Barbieri, T. Senoner, B. E. Pfeifer et al.:
"Long-Term Prognostic Value of High-Sensitivity Troponin T Added to N-Terminal Pro Brain Natriuretic Peptide Plasma Levels Before Valve Replacement for Severe Aortic Stenosis";
American Journal of Cardiology, Dezember 2019 (2019), 124(12); S. 1932 - 1939.

M. Bauer, N. Tournier, O. Langer:
"Inhibition of ABCB1 and ABCG2 at the Mouse Blood−Brain Barrier with Marketed Drugs To Improve Brain Delivery of the Model ABCB1/ABCG2 Substrate [11C]erlotinib";
Molecular Pharmaceutics, / (2019), Issue 16, Volume 3; S. 1282 - 1293.

T. Weber, S. Wassertheurer, B. Hametner, S. Moebus, N. Pundt, A. Mahabadi, U. Roggenbuck, N. Lehmann, K. Joeckel, R. Erbel:
"Cross-sectional analysis of pulsatile hemodynamics across the adult life span: reference values, healthy and early vascular aging";
Journal of Hypertension, 37 (2019), 12; S. 1473 - 5598.

J. Sluyter, A. Hughes, C. Camargo Jr, S. Thom, K. Parker, B. Hametner, S. Wassertheurer, R. Scragg:
"Identification of Distinct Arterial Waveform Clusters and a Longitudinal Evaluation of Their Clinical Usefulness";
HYPERTENSION, 74 (2019), S. 921 - 928.

A. Eggerth, D. Hayn, G. Schreier:
"Medication management needs information and communications technology‐based approaches, including telehealth and artificial intelligence";
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Early View (2019).

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