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S. Orter, S. Möstl, M. Bachler, F. Hoffmann, C. Mayer, E. Kaniusas, M. Reisinger, S. Wassertheurer, J. Tank, B. Hametner:
"P.07 The Progression of Left Ventricular Ejection Time in Simulated Microgravity";
Artery Research, - (2020), 26 - Supplement 1; S. 27.

W. Hinterdobler, G. Li, K. Spiegel, S. Basyouni-Khamis, M. Gorfer, M. Schmoll:
"Trichoderma reesei Isolated From Austrian Soil With High Potential for Biotechnological Application";
Frontiers in Microbiology, 12 (2021).

K. D´Hondt, T. Kostic, R. McDowell, F. Eudes, B. Singh, S. Sarkar, M. Markakis, B. Schelkle, E. Maguin, A. Sessitsch:
"Microbiome innovations for a sustainable future";
Nature Microbiology, 6 (2021), S. 138 - 142.

M. Muys, R. Phukan, G. Brader, A. Samad, M. Moretti, B. Haiden, S. Pluchon, K. Roest, S. Vlaeminck, M. Spiller:
"Study of the photoinduced transformations of sertraline in aqueous media";
Science of the total environment, 756 (2021), S. 1 - 12.

T. Wimberger, V. Koehler, E. Ehmoser, K. Wassermann:
"Capacitive coupling increases the accuracy of cell-specific tumour ablation by electric fields";
Bioelectrochemistry, 107495 (2020), 134; S. 1567.

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