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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

V. Rosecker, C. Denk, M. Maurer, M. Wilkovitsch, S. Mairinger, T. Wanek, H. Mikula:
"Cross-Isotopic Bioorthogonal Tools as Molecular Twins for Radiotheranostic Applications";
Chembiochem Communications, Issue 20 (2019), S. 1530 - 1535.

J. Mannheim, M. Mamach, S. Reder, A. Traxl, N. Mucha, J. Disselhorst, M. Mittelhäuser, C. Kuntner, J. Thackeray, S. Ziegler, T. Wanek, J. Bankstahl, B. Pichler:
"Reproducibility and Comparability of Preclinical PET Imaging Data: A Multicenter Small-Animal PET Study";
Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Issue 60, Volume 4 (2019), S. 1483 - 1491.

T. Senoner, F. Barbieri, G. Semmler, A. Adukauskaite, A. Rubatscher, W. Schgör, M. Stühlinger, A. Bauer, B. E. Pfeifer, B.E. Pfeifer, L. Fiedler, F. X. Roithinger, F. Hintringer, A. Suessenbacher, C.G. Wollmann, W. Dichtl:
"Long-term performance of an atrial lead capable of accelerometer based detection of cardiac contractility in patients receiving cardiac resynchronisation therapy";
Plos One, eCollection 2019 - Technical performance of the SonRtip atrial leade (2019).

T. Wimberger, J. Peham, E. Ehmoser, K. Wassermann:
"Controllable cell manipulation in a microfluidic pipette-tip design using capacitive coupling of electric fields";
Lab on a Chip, 1 (2019), 1; S. 1.

E. Erkan, T. Ströbel, C. Dorfer, M. Sonntagbauer, A. Weinhäusel, M. Saydam, O. Saydam:
"Circulating Tumor Biomarkers in Meningiomas Reveal a Signature of Equilibrium Between Tumor Growth and Immune Modulation";
Frontiers in Oncology, 9 (2019), Front. Oncol., 10 October 2019; S. 1.

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