Wichtige aktuelle Publikationen des Centers "Vision, Automation & Control"

Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

B. Bischof, T. Glück, M. Böck, A. Kugi:
"A Path/Surface Following Control Approach to Generate Virtual Fixtures";
IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 6 (2018), 34; S. 1577 - 1592.

P. Thanner:
"Zwei Methoden in einem System- Inline Computational Imaging für die industrielle Inspektion";
Quality Engineering, P3 (2018), P3; S. 22 - 23.

Y. Malitsky, T. Pock:
"A first-order primal-dual algorithm with line-search";
SIAM Journal on Optimization, 28 (2018), 1; S. 411 - 432.

K. Lasinger, C. Vogel, T. Pock, K. Schindler:
"Variational 3d-piv with sparse descriptors";
Measurement Science and Technology, 29 (2018), 6; S. xx - x.

F. Knoll, K. Hammernik, Erich Kobler, T. Pock, M. Recht, D. K. Sodickson:
"Assessment of the generalization of learned image reconstruction and the potential for transfer learning";
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 79 (2018), 5; S. xx - x.

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