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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

S. Bozorgi, M. Silmbroth:
"Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of Secondary AlZnMg(Cu) Die-Cast Alloys";
International Journal of Metalcasting, 4 (2020), S. #.

K. Fröhlich, I. Abrahams, M. Jahn:
"Determining phase transitions of layered oxides via electrochemical and crystallographic analysis";
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 1 (2020), Volume 21 Issue 1; S. 653 - 660.

E. Widl, B. Leitner, D. Basciotti, S. Henein, T. Ferhatbegovic, R. Hofmann:
"Combined Optimal Design and Control of Hybrid Thermal-Electrical Distribution Grids Using Co-Simulation";
mdpi energies, 13 (2020), Vol. 8.

O. Terreros, J. Spreitzhofer, D. Basciotti, R. Schmidt, T. Esterl, M Pober, M Kerschbaumer, M. Ziegler:
"Electricity market options for heat pumps in rural district heating networks in Austria";
Energy, Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating (2020), 196; S. 116875.

D. Basciotti, D. Dvorak, I. Gellai:
"A Novel Methodology for Evaluating the Impact of Energy Efficiency Measures on the Cabin Thermal Comfort of Electric Vehicles";
Energies, Energy Efficient Cooling and Heating Systems for Improved Passenger Thermal Comfort in Electric Vehicles (2020), 15/13; S. 3872.

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