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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

A. Mutiari, N. Bansal, R. Hamid, M. Artner, V. Mayer, J. Roth, M. Weil, R. Wibowo:
"Dynamic interplay of alkali cations and natural organic binderin the microstructural evolution of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films prepared from Cu2ZnSnS4 powder-containing inks";
Rsc Advances, 9 (2019), S. 28670 - 28677.

D. Heine, K. Ehrenfried, H. Kühnelt, S. Lachinger, M. Rudolph, A. Vorwagner, F. Salinger:
"Influence of the shape and size of cavities on pressure waves inside high-speed railway tunnels";
Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics, 189 (2019), S. 258 - 265.

N. Sarantinos, S. Tsantzalis, S. Ucsnik, V. Kostopoulos:
"Review of through-the-thickness reinforced composites in joints";
Composite Structures, 229 (2019), 111404; S. # - ?.

A. Beutl, D. Cupid:
"A thermodynamic investigation on the substitution mechanism of Mg-doped lithium vanadium phosphate";
Electrochimica Acta, 311 (2019), 311; S. 103 - 113.

F. Grabner, J. Österreicher, B. Gruber, N. Papenberg, F. Gerstner, S. Kirnstötter, C. Schlögl:
"Cryogenic Forming of Al-Mg Alloy Sheet for Car Outer Body Applications";
Advanced Engineering Materials, 1 (2019), 1900089; S. # - ?.

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