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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

A. D´Alconzo, I. Drago, A. Morichetta, M. Mellia, P. Casas:
"A Survey on Big Data for Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis";
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 16 (2019), 3; S. 800 - 813.

M. Seufert, S. Wassermann, P. Casas:
"Considering User Behavior in the Quality of Experience Cycle: Towards Proactive QoE-Aware Traffic Management";
IEEE Communications Letters, 23 (2019), 7; S. 1145 - 1148.

D. Milovancev, N. Vokic, Ch. Pacher, I. Khan, C. Marquardt, W. Boxleitner, H. Hübel, B. Schrenk:
"Towards Integrating True Random Number Generation in Coherent Optical Transceivers";
IEEE Journal Of Selected Topics In Quantum Electronics, 26 (2020), 5; S. 6400608.

A. Papp, J. Pegoraro, D. Bauer, P. Taupe, C Wiesmeyr, A. Kriechbaum-Zabini:
"Automatic Annotation of Hyperspectral Images and Spectral Signal Classification of People and Vehicles in Areas of Dense Vegetation with Deep Learning";
Remote Sensing, 12 (2020), 13; S. 2111.

M. Gall, H. Garn, B. Kohn, K. Bajic, C. Coronel, S. Seidel, M. Mandl, E. Kaniusas:
"Automated Detection of Movements During Sleep Using a 3D Time-of-Flight Camera: Design and Experimental Evaluation";
IEEE Access, 8 (2020), 8; S. 1 - 12.

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