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R Stütz:
"Methodological considerations with data uncertainty in road safety analysis";
Accident Analysis and Prevention, 130 (2019), S. 136 - 150.

F. Laudenbach, B. Schrenk, Ch. Pacher, M. Hentschel, C. Fung, F. Karinou, A. Poppe, M. Peev, H. Hübel:
"Pilot-assisted intradyne reception for high-speed continuous-variable quantum key distribution with true local oscillator";
Quantum, 3 (2019), S. 193.

B. Aichernig, P. Bauerstätter, E. Jöbstl, S. Kann, R. Korosec, W. Krenn, C. Mateis, R. Schlick, R. Schumi:
"Learning and statistical model checking of system response times";
Software Quality Journal, 27 (2019), S. 757 - 795.

M. Gall, B. Kohn, C Wiesmeyr, R. van Sluijs, E. Wilhelm, Q. Rondei, L. Jäger, P. Achermann, H. Landolt, O. Jenni, R. Riener, H. Garn, C. Hill:
"A Novel Approach to Assess Sleep-Related Rhythmic Movement Disorder in Children Using Automatic 3D Analysis";
Frontiers in Psychiatry, 10 (2019), S. 709.

T. Gruber, L. Pomante, V. Muttillo, B. Krena, T. Vojnar, F. Veljkovic, P. Magnin, M. Matschnig, B. Fischer, J. Martinez:
"The AQUAS ECSEL Project Aggregated Quality Assurance for Systems: Co-Engineering Inside and Across the Product Life Cycle";
Microprocessors and Microsystems, 69 (2019), S. 54 - 67.

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