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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

M. Mehic, M. Niemiec, S. Rass, J. Ma, M. Peev, A. Aguado, V. Martin, S. Schauer, A. Poppe, Ch. Pacher, M. Voznak:
"Quantum Key Distribution: A Networking Perspective";
Acm Computing Surveys, 53 (2020), 5; S. 1 - 41.

F. Skopik, M. Landauer, M. Wurzenberger, G. Vormayr, J. Milosevic, J. Fabini, W. Prüggler, O. Kruschitz, B. Widmann, K. Truckenthanner, S. Rasse, M. Simmer, C. Zauner:
"synERGY: Cross-correlation of operational and contextual data to timely detect and mitigate attacks to cyber-physical systems";
Journal of Information Security and Applications, 54 (2020), S. 1 - 23.

S. Kucek, M. Leitner:
"An Empirical Survey of Functions and Configurations of Open-Source Capture the Flag (CTF) Environments";
Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 151 (2020), S. 1 - 19.

F. Kupzog, A. Veichtlbauer, A. Heinisch, F. von Tüllenburg, O. Langthaler, U. Pache, O. Jung, R. Frank, P. Dorfinger:
"The Impact of Virtualisation Techniques on Power System Control Networks";
ELECTRONICS, 9 (2020), 1433.

R. de Wit, A. Kainz, R. Goler, M. Zuvela-Aloise, C. Hahn, G. Zuccaro, M. Leone, W. Loibl, T. Tötzer, W. Hager, A. Geyer-Scholz, D. Havlik:
"Supporting climate proof planning with CLARITY´s Climate Service and modelling of climate adaptation strategies - the Linz use-case. Urban Climate";
Urban Climate, 34 (2020), 34; S. 100675.

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