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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

R. Jin, G. Chen, F. Laudenbach, S. Zhao, P. Lu:
"Thermal effects of the quantum states generated from the isomorphs of PPKTP crystal";
Optics & Laser Technology, 109 (2018), S. 222 - 226.

D. Derler, D. Slamanig:
"Practical witness encryption for algebraic languages or how to encrypt under Groth-Sahai proofs";
Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 86 (2018), S. 2525 - 2547.

I. Pires, V. Felizardo, N. Pombo, M. Drobics, N.M. Garcia, F. Florez-Revuelt:
"Validation of a method for the estimation of energy expenditure during physical activity using a mobile device accelerometer";
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, 10 (2018), 4; S. 315 - 326.

M. Gan, G. Steinböck, Z. Xu, T. Pedersen, T. Zemen:
"A hybrid ray and graph model for simulating vehicle-to-vehicle channels in tunnels";
IEEE Transactions On Vehicular Technology, 67 (2018), 9; S. 7955 - 7968.

M. Landauer, M. Wurzenberger, F. Skopik, G. Settanni, P. Filzmoser:
"Dynamic Log File Analysis: An Unsupervised Cluster Evolution Approach for Anomaly Detection";
Computers & Security, 79 (2018), S. 94 - 116.

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