Wichtige aktuelle Publikationen des Centers "Mobility Systems"

Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

K. Markvica, G. Richter, G. Lenz:
"Impact of urban street lighting on road users´ perception of public space and mobility behavior";
Building and Environment, 154 (2019), S. 32 - 43.

M. Conter, C. Kasess, P. Waubke, C. Kirisits, R. Wehr, H. Ziegelwanger:
"The effect of railway platforms and platform canopies on sound propagation";
Applied Acoustics, Volume 151 (2019), 151; S. 137 - 152.

M. Schlögl, R. Stütz, G. Laaha, M. Melcher:
"A comparison of statistical learning methods for deriving determining factors of accident occurrence from an imbalanced high resolution dataset";
Accident Analysis & Prevention, 127 (2019), 127; S. 134 - 149.

M. Schlögl, G. Richter, M. Avian, T. Thaler, G. Heiss, G. Lenz, S. Fuchs:
"On the nexus between landslide susceptibility and transport infrastructure - an agent-based approach";
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (nhess), vol.19, issue1 (2019), S. 201 - 219.

D. Bauer, M. Tulic:
"Travel Time Predictions: Should one model speeds or travel times?";
European Transport Research Review, 10 (2018), 46.

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