Wichtige aktuelle Publikationen des Centers "Innovation Systems & Policy"

Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

M. Hörlesberger:
"Innovation management in a digital world";
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 30 (2019), 8; 10 S.

B. Dachs, S. Kinkel, A. Jäger:
"Bringing it all back home? Backshoring of manufacturing activities and the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies";
Journal of World Business, 54 (2019), 6.

I. Wanzenböck, M. Neuländtner, T. Scherngell:
"Impacts of EU funded R&D networks on the generation of Key Enabling Technologies: Empirical evidence from a regional perspective";
Papers in Regional Science, 99 (2019), 1; S. 3 - 24.

R. Rybnicek, K.-H. Leitner, L. Baumgartner, J. Plakolm:
"Industry and leadership experiences of the heads of departments and their impact on the performance of public universities";
Management Decision, 57 (2019), 12; S. 3321 - 3345.

B. Dachs, S. Kinkel, A. Jäger, I. Palcic:
"Backshoring of production activities in European manufacturing";
Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 25 (2019), 3; S. 1 - 16.

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