Wichtige aktuelle Publikationen des Centers "Innovation Systems & Policy"

Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

S. Tagliapetra, G. Occhiali, E. Nano, R. Kalcik:
"The impact of electrification on labour market outcomes in Nigeria";
Economia Politica, 37 (2020), S. 737 - 779.

T. Scherngell, C. Rohde, M. Neuländtner:
"The dynamics of global R&D networks in ICT: Does China catch up with the US?";
Plos One, 15 (2020), 9.

M. Neuländtner:
"An Empirical Agent-Based Model for Regional Knowledge Creation in Europe";
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 9 (2020), 8.

M. Neuländtner, T. Scherngell:
"Geographical or Relational: What drives technology-specific R&D collaboration networks?";
Annals of Regional Science, 65 (2020), S. 743 - 773.

P. Biegelbauer, T. Palfinger, S. Mayer:
"How to select the best: Selection procedures of innovation agencies";
Research Evaluation, 29 (2020), 3; S. 289 - 299.

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