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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

M. Spiegel, E. Veith, T. Strasser:
"The Spectrum of Proactive, Resilient Multi-Microgrid Scheduling: A Systematic Literature Review";
Energies, 13 (2020), 4543.

A. Sporr, G. Zucker, R. Hofmann:
"Automatically Creating HVAC Control Strategies Based on Building Information Modeling (BIM): Heat Provisioning and Distribution";
Energies, 13 (2020), S. 4403 - 4421.

T. Barz, J. Krämer, J. Emhofer:
"Identification of Phase Fraction-Temperature Curves from Heat Capacity Data for Numerical Modeling of Heat Transfer in Commercial Paraffin Waxes";
Energies, 13/19 (2020), S. 5149.

G. Zsembinszki, C. Orozco, J. Gasia, T. Barz, J. Emhofer:
"Evaluation of the State of Charge of a Solid/Liquid Phase Change Material in a Thermal Energy Storage Tank";
Energies, 13/6 (2020), S. 1425.

H. Arellano-Garcia, T. Barz, B. Dorneanu, V. Vassiliadis:
"Real-time feasibility of nonlinear model predictive control for semi-batch reactors subject to uncertainty and disturbances";
Computers and Chemical Engineering, 133 (2020), S. 106 - 529.

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