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B. Fina, H Auer, W. Friedl:
"Profitability of active retrofitting of multi-apartment buildings: Building-attached/integrated photovoltaics with special consideration of different heating systems";
Energy and Buildings, 190 (2019), S. 86 - 102.

S. Oswald, M. Revesz, H. Trimmel, P. Weihs, S. Zamini, A. Schneider, M. Peyerl, S. Krispel, H. Rieder, E. Mursch-Radlgruber, F. Lindberg:
"Coupling of urban energy balance model with 3-D radiation model to derive human thermal (dis)comfort";
International Journal of Biometeorology, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00484-018-1642-z (2018), Springer Nature, Switzerland; S. 1.

S. Hoefler, T. Rath, R. Fischer, C. Latal, D. Hippler, A. Koliogiorgos, I. Galanakis, A. Bruno, A. Fian, T. Dimopoulos, G. Trimmel:
"A Zero-Dimensional Mixed-Anion Hybrid Halogenobismuthate(III) Semiconductor: Structural, Optical, and Photovoltaic Properties";
Inorganic Chemistry, ACS Publications (2018), 57; S. 10576 - 10586.

M. Schlögl, G. Richter, M. Avian, T. Thaler, G. Heiss, G. Lenz, S. Fuchs:
"On the nexus between landslide susceptibility and transport infrastructure - an agent-based approach";
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (nhess), vol.19, issue1 (2019), S. 201 - 219.

I. Hussain, G. Aleti, R. Naidu, M. Puschenreiter, Q. Mahmood, M. M. Rahman, F. Wang, S. Shaheen, J. H. Syed, T. G. Reichenauer:
"Microbe and plant assisted-remediation of organic xenobiotics and its enhancement by genetically modified organisms and recombinant technology - A review";
Science of the total environment, 628 (2018), S. 1582 - 1599.

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