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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

D. Summer, Ph. Schöftner, B. Wimmer, M. Pastar, T. Kostic, A. Sessitsch, H. Gerzabek Martin, T. Reichenauer:
"Synergistic effects of perchloroethene degradation by Dehalococcoides and nano zero-valent iron - A Lysimeter experiment";
New Biotechnology, 57 (2020), S. 34 - 44.

A. Tayyebi Khameneh, D. Groß, A. Anta, F. Kupzog, F. Dörfler:
"Frequency Stability of Synchronous Machines and Grid-Forming Power Converters";
IEEE Journal Of Emerging And Selected Topics In Power Electronics, Volume 8 (2020), No. 2; S. 1004 - 1018.

M. Spiegel, E. Widl, B. Heinzl, W Kastner, N. Akroud:
"Model-Based Virtual Components in Event-Based Controls: Linking the FMI and IEC 61499";
Applied Sciences, Article No: 1611 (2020), Volume 10.

N. Plankensteiner, W. Kautek, T. Dimopoulos:
"Acqueous spray pyrolysis of Cu2O films: Influence of reducing agent and acetic acid addition";
ChemNanoMAt, 6 (2020), S. 663 - 671.

S. Sedlacek, T. Tötzer, D. Lund-Durlacher:
"Collaborative governance in energy regions - Experiences from an Austrian region";
Journal of Cleaner Production, 256 (2020), S. 1 - 13.

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