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R. Knevels, A. Brenning, S. Gingrich, G. Heiss, T. Lechner, P. Leopold, Ch. Plutzar, H. Proske, H. Petschko:
"Towards the Use of Land Use Legacies in Landslide Modeling: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives in an Austrian Case Study";
Land, 10 (2021), 954.

E. Widl, G. Agugiaro, J. Peters-Anders:
"Linking Semantic 3D City Models with Domain-Specific Simulation Tools for the Planning and Validation of Energy Applications at District Level";
Sustainability, 13, 8782 (2021), Vol. 16.

M. Spiegel, T. Strasser:
"Hybrid Optimization Toward Proactive Resilient Microgrid Scheduling";
IEEE Access, Vol. 9 (2021), S. 124741 - 124756.

S. Potenciano-Menci, R. Bessa, B. Herndler, C. Korner, B. Rao (ehem. Mysore-Vasudevarao), F. Leimgruber, A. Madureira, D. Rua, F. Coelho, J. Silva, J. Andrade, G. Sampaio, H. Teixeira, M. Simoes, J. Viana, L. Oliveira, D. Castro, U. Krisper, R. Andre:
"Functional Scalability and Replicability Analysis for Smart Grid Functions: The InteGrid Project Approach";
Energies, 14 (2021), 5685.

M. Popovac, J. Emhofer, C. Reichl:
"Frosting in a heat pump evaporator part B: Numerical analysis";
Applied Thermal Engineering, 199 (2021), 117488; S. 1 - 32.

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