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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

T. Strasser, S. Rohjans, G. Burt:
"Methods and Concepts for Designing and Validating Smart Grid Systems";
Energies, 12 (2019), 10; S. 1861 - 1865.

N. Winkler, R. Wibowo, W. Kautek, T. Dimopoulos:
"nfluence of the aqueous solution composition on the morphology of Zn1-xMgxO films deposited by spray pyrolysis";
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 7 (2019), S. 3889 - 3900.

N. Winkler, R. Wibowo, B. Kubicek, W. Kautek, G. Ligorio, E. List-Kratochvil, T. Dimopoulos:
"Rapid Processing of In-Doped ZnO by Spray Pyrolysis from Environment-Friendly Precursor Solutions";
Coatings, 9/245 (2019), MDPI; S. 1 - 9.

M. Bauch, T. Dimopoulos, S. Trassl:
"Nanostructured, ultrathin silver-based transparent electrode with broadband near-infrared plasmonic resonance";
Nanotechnology, 30 (2019), 26; S. 26501 - 26510.

R. Hofmann, S. Dusek, S. Gruber, G. Drexler-Schmid:
"Design Optimization of a Hybrid Steam-PCM Thermal Energy Storage for Industrial Applications";
Energies 2018, 12 (2019), 898; S. 1 - 25.

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