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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

K. Poplavskaya, G. Totschnig, F. Leimgruber, G. Doorman, G. Etienne, L. DE Vries:
"Integration of day-ahead market and redispatch to increase cross-border exchanges in the European electricity market";
Applied Energy, 278 (2020), 115669; 13 S.

B. Fina, H Auer, W. Friedl:
"Cost-optimal economic potential of shared rooftop PV in energy communities: Evidence from Austria";
Renewable Energy, 152(2020) 217-228 (2020), ISSN: 0960-1481; 11 S.

B. Fina, H Auer, W. Friedl:
"Profitability of contracting business cases for shared photovoltaic generation and renovation measures in a residential multi-apartment building";
Journal of Cleaner Production, 152(2020) 217-228 (2020), 152; 11 S.

M. Revesz, S. Zamini, S. Oswald, H. Trimmel, P. Weihs:
"SEBEpv - New digital surface model based method for estimating the ground reflected irradiance in an urban environment";
Solar Energy, 199 (2020), S. 400 - 410.

P. Leoni, R. Geyer, R. Schmidt:
"Developing innovative business models for reducing return temperatures in district heating systems: Approach and first results";
Energy, 195 (2020), S. 1 - 14.

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