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T.L. Nguyen, E. Guillo-Sansano, M. Syed, V.H. Nguyen, S.M. Blair, L. Reguera, Q.T. Tran, R. Caire, G. Burt, C. Gavriluta, N. Luu:
"Multi-Agent System with Plug and Play Feature for Distributed Secondary Control in Microgrid-Controller and Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Implementation";
Energies, 11 (2018), 12; S. 3253.

F. Ebe, B. Idlbi, D. Stakic, S. Chen, C. Kondzialka, M. Casel, G. Heilscher, C. Seitl, R. Bründlinger, T. Strasser:
"Comparison of Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Approaches for the Testing of Smart Grid Controls";
Energies, 11 (2018), 12; S. 3381 - 3409.

C. Zanabria, F. Pröstl Andren, T. Strasser:
"An Adaptable Engineering Support Framework for Multi-Functional Energy Storage System Applications";
Sustainability, 10 (2018), 11; S. 4164.

R. Wibowo:
"Powder-to-film approach for fabricating critical raw material-free kesterite Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin film photovoltaic: A review";
Solar Energy, Elsevier, 176 (2018), S. 157 - 169.

M. Revesz, S. Oswald, H. Trimmel, P. Weihs, S. Zamini:
"Potential increase of solar irradiation and its influence on PV facades inside an urban canyon by increasing the ground-albedo";
Solar Energy, Elsevier, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.solener.2018.08.037 (2018), Volume 174; S. 7 - 15.

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