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C. Zauner, B. Windholz, M. Lauermann, G. Drexler-Schmid, T. Leitgeb:
"Development of an Energy Efficient Extrusion Factory employing a latent heat storage and a high temperature heat pump";
Applied Energy, 259 (2020), S. 114114 - 114126.

R. Hofmann, H. Vogtenhuber, L. Prendl:
"Optimized heat exchanger integration within a TSA-process based on experimentally evaluated heat transfer correlations for finned-tubes in fluidized beds";
Powder Technology, 356 (2019), S. 957 - 973.

M. Köntges, A. Morlier, G. Eder, E. Fleiß, B. Kubicek, J. Lin:
"Review: Ultraviolet Fluorescence as Assessment Tool for Photovoltaic Modules";
Ieee Journal Of Photovoltaics, 2 (2020), S. 1 - 8.

M. Koller, R. Hofmann:
"Efficient clustering of identical generating units for the MILP-UC with a shifting generation level method";
Computers and Chemical Engineering, 125 (2019), S. 415 - 426.

A. Sporr, G. Zucker, R. Hofmann:
"Automated HVAC Control Creation based on Building Information Modeling (BIM): Ventilation System";
IEEE Access, IEEE Access (2019), 7; S. 74747 - 74758.

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