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V. Fristák, M. Pipíska, G. Soja:
"Pyrolysis treatment of sewage sludge: A promising way to produce phosphorus fertilizer";
Journal of Cleaner Production, 172 (2018), S. 1772 - 1778.

T. Weber, P. Pecnik, B. Hametner, S. Wassertheurer, R. Binder:
"Pulsatile hemodynamics in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction - role of forward wave amplitude";
European Journal of Heart Failure, / (2018), 20 (Suppl. S1); S. 12.

M. Mehic, S. Rass, O. Maurhart, M. Voznak:
"Implementation of quantum key distribution network simulation module in the network simulator NS-3";
Quantum Information Processing, 17 (2017), S. 1 - 25.

Y. Malitsky, T. Pock:
"A first-order primal-dual algorithm with line-search";
SIAM Journal on Optimization, 28 (2018), 1; S. 411 - 432.

J. Schmidt, D. Fleischmann, B. Preim, N. Brändle, G. Mistelbauer:
"Popup-Plots: Warping Temporal Data Visualization";
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, - (2018).

A. Zanon, M. De Gennaro, H. Kühnelt, P. Giannattasio:
"Assessment of the broadband noise from an unducted axial fan including the effect of the inflow turbulence";
Journal of Sound and Vibration, 429 (2018), S. 18 - 33.

M. Pelowski, H. Leder, V. Mitschke, E. Specker, G. Gerger, P. Tinio, E. Vaporova, T. Bieg, A. Husslein-Arco:
"Capturing Aesthetic Experiences With Installation Art: An Empirical Assessment of Emotion, Evaluations, and Mobile Eye Tracking in Olafur Eliasson's "Baroque, Baroque!"";
Frontiers in Psychology, 9 (2018), Article 1255; 22 S.

K.M. Weber, G. Gudowsky, G. Aichholzer:
"Foresight and Technology Assessment for the Austrian Parliament - Finding new ways of debating the future of Industry 4.0";
Futures, Elesevier, Amsterdam (2018).

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