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D. Borgers, R. Postoyan, A. Anta, P. Tabuada, D. Nesić, W. Heemels:
"Periodic event-triggered control of nonlinear systems using overapproximation techniques";
Automatica, 94 (2018), S. 81 - 87.

L. Mattsson, J. Xu, C. Preininger, B. Tse Sum Bui, K. Haupt:
"Competitive fluorescent pseudo-immunoassay exploiting molecularly imprinted polymers for the detection of biogenic amines in fish matrix";
Talanta, 181 (2018), S. 190 - 196.

M. Mehic, S. Rass, O. Maurhart, M. Voznak:
"Implementation of quantum key distribution network simulation module in the network simulator NS-3";
Quantum Information Processing, 17 (2017), S. 1 - 25.

Y. Malitsky, T. Pock:
"A first-order primal-dual algorithm with line-search";
SIAM Journal on Optimization, 28 (2018), 1; S. 411 - 432.

L. Kang, X. Zhu, H. Sun, J. Wu, Z. Gao, B. Hu:
"Last Train Timetabling Optimization and Bus Bridging Service Management in Urban Railway Transit Networks";
Omega, - (2018), S. 1 - 14.

H. Kapeller, B. Plassnegger, J. Gragger:
"Iron-Loss Modelling based on a Loss-Separation Approach in Modelica";
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Issue: 3 / Volume: 54 (2018), S. 1 - 4.

M. Lorenz, J. Brade, L. Diamond, D. Sjölie, M. Busch, M. Tscheligi, P. Klimant, C. Heyde, N. Hammer:
"Presence and User Experience in a Virtual Environment under the Influence of Ethanol: An Explorative Study";
Scientific Reports, 8 (2018), 6407; S. 1 - 16.

A. Uhl, N. Kolleck, E. Schiebel:
"Twitter data analysis as contribution to strategic foresight-The case of the EU Research Project "Foresight and Modelling for European Health Policy and Regulations" (FRESHER)";
European Journal of Futures Research, 5 (2017), 1; S. 2 - 16.

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