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M. Stifter, J. Cordova, J. Kazmi, R. Arghandeh:
"Real-Time Simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop Testbed for Distribution Synchrophasor Applications";
Energies, 11 (2018), 876; S. 1 - 21.

S. Gampenrieder, G. Rinnerthaler, H. Hackl, W. Pulverer, A. Weinhäusel, S. Ilic, C. Hufnagl, C. Hauser-Kronberger, A. Egle, A. Risch, R. Greil:
"DNA Methylation Signatures Predicting Bevacizumab";
Theranostics, 8 (2018), 8; S. 2278 - 2288.

M. Mehic, S. Rass, O. Maurhart, M. Voznak:
"Analysis of the Public Channel of Quantum Key Distribution Link";
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 53 (2017), 5; S. 99 - 106.

S. Strommer, M. Niederer, A. Steinböck, A. Kugi:
"Hierarchical nonlinear optimization-based controller of a continuous strip annealing furnance";
Control Engineering Practice, 73 (2018), S. 40 - 55.

U. Ritzinger, B. Hu, H. Koller, M. Dragaschnig:
"Synchronizing Trucks and Trailers in a Multiresource Problem with Variable Neighborhood Search";
Transportation Research Record, 2610 (2017), S. 28 - 34.

A. Zanon, M. De Gennaro, H. Kühnelt:
"Wind energy harnessing of the NREL 5 MW reference wind turbine in icing conditions under different operational strategies";
Renewable Energy, 115 (2018), S. 760 - 772.

J. Brade, M. Lorenz, M. Busch, N. Hammer, M. Tscheligi, P. Klimant:
"Being there again - Presence in real and virtual environments and its relation to usability and user experience using a mobile navigation task";
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 101 (2017), S. 76 - 87.

A. Uhl, N. Kolleck, E. Schiebel:
"Twitter data analysis as contribution to strategic foresight-The case of the EU Research Project "Foresight and Modelling for European Health Policy and Regulations" (FRESHER)";
European Journal of Futures Research, 5 (2017), 1; S. 2 - 16.

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