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B. Fina, C. Monsberger, H Auer:
"Simulation or estimation?-Two approaches to calculate financial benefits of energy communities";
Journal of Cleaner Production, 330 (2021), 129733; 14 S.

D. Baumgarnter, B. Johannsen, M. Specht, J. Lüddecke, Rombach, S. Hin, N. Paust, F. von Stetten, R. Zengerle, C. Herz, J. Peham, P. Paqué, T. Attin, J. Jenzer, P. Körner:
"OralDisk: A Chair-Side Compatible Molecular Platform Using Whole Saliva for Monitoring Oral Health at the Dental Practice";
Biosensors - Basel, 11 (2021), 11; S. 1 - 23.

M. Waser, A. Stefani, E. Holzknecht, B. Kohn, H. Hackner, E. Brandauer, M. Bergmann, P. Taupe, M. Gall, H. Garn, B. Högl:
"Automated 3D video analysis of lower limb movements during REM sleep: a new diagnostic tool for isolated REM sleep behavior disorder";
Sleep, 43 (2020), 11; S. 1 - 10.

C. Barker, D. Hone, D. Naish, A. Cau, J. Lockwood, B. Foster, C. Clarkin, P. Schneider, N. Gostling:
"New spinosaurids from the Wessex Formation (Early Cretaceous, UK) and the European origins of Spinosauridae";
Scientific Reports, 11 (2021), S. 19340.

A. Genser, R. Spielhofer, P. Nitsche, A. Kouvelas:
"Ride comfort assessment for automated vehicles utilizing a road surface model and Monte Carlo simulations";
Computer-Aided Civil And Infrastructure Engineering, 1-19 (2021), 1-19; S. 1 - 19.

M. Hartner-Tiefenthaler, M. Goisauf, C. Gerdenitsch, S. Koeszegi:
"Remote Working in a Public Bureaucracy: Redeveloping Practices of Managerial Control When Out of Sight";
Frontiers in Psychology, 12:606375 (2021), 12 S.

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