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N. Oustriere, L. Marchand, G. Rosette, W. Friesl-Hanl, M. Mench:
"Wood-derived-biochar combined with compost or iron grit for in situ stabilization of Cd, Pb, and Zn in a contaminated soil";
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 8 (2017), 24.

H. Miao, E. Liano, J. Sorger, Y. Ahmadi, T. Kekic, T. Isenberg, M. Groller, I. Barisic, I. Viola:
"Multiscale Visualization and Scale-Adaptive Modification of DNA Nanostructures";
IEEE Trans Vis Comput Graph, (99):1-1 (2017), 99; S. 1.

B. Schrenk, M. Hofer, T. Zemen:
"Analog receiver for coherent optical analog radio-over-fiber transmission";
Optics Letters, 42 (2017), 16; S. 3165 - 3168.

B. Bischof, T. Glück, A. Kugi:
"Combined Path Following and Compliance Control for Fully Actuated Rigid Body Systems in 3-D Space";
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 5 (2017), 25; S. 1750 - 1760.

C. Rudloff, M. Leodolter:
"Personalization of Routing Services - User Classification as a Method to Overcome the Colds Start Problem for Personalized Models";
Transportation Research Record, k.A. (2017), 2666; S. 38 - 46.

D. Schloffer, S. Bozorgi, C. Lenhardt, B. Gollas:
"Manufacturing and characterization of Magnesium alloy foils for use ans anode materials in rechargeable magnesium ion batteries";
Journal of Power Sources, 367 (2017), S. 138 - 144.

J. Brade, M. Lorenz, M. Busch, N. Hammer, M. Tscheligi, P. Klimant:
"Being there again - Presence in real and virtual environments and its relation to usability and user experience using a mobile navigation task";
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 101 (2017), S. 76 - 87.

L. Berge, I. Wanzenböck, T. Scherngell:
"Centrality or regions in R&D networks: A new measurement approach using the concept of bridging paths";
Regional Studies, 51 (2017), 8; S. 1165 - 1178.

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