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K. Heussen, C. Steinbrink, I. Abdulhadi, V.H. Nguyen, M.Z. Degefa, J. Merino, T. Jensen, H. Guo, O. Gehrke, D. Morales Bondy, D. Babazadeh, F. Pröstl Andren, T. Strasser:
"ERIGrid Holistic Test Description for Validating Cyber-Physical Energy Systems";
Energies, 12 (2019), 14; S. 2722.

A. Sessitsch, N. Pfaffenbichler, B. Mitter:
"Microbiome Applications from Lab to Field: Facing Complexity";
Trends in Plant Science, 24 (2019), 3; S. 194 - 198.

M. Waser, T. Benke, P. Dal-Bianco, H. Garn, J. Mosbacher, G. Ransmayr, R. Schmidt, S. Seiler, H. Sorensen, P. Jennum:
"Neuroimaging markers of global cognition in early Alzheimer's disease: A magnetic resonance imaging - electroencephalography study";
Brain and Behavior, 9:e01197 (2019), S. 1 - 11.

A. Effland, Erich Kobler, A. Brandenburg, T. Klatzer, L. Neuhäuser, M. Hölzel, J. Landsberg, T. Pock, M. Rumpf:
"Joint reconstruction and classification of tumor cells and cell interactions in melanoma tissue sections with synthesized training data";
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 14 (2019), 4; S. 587 - 599.

A. Anderluh, P. Nolz, V. Hemmelmayr, T. Crainic:
"Multi-objective optimization of a two-echelon vehicle routing problem with vehicle synchronization and ´grey zone´ customers arising in urban logistics";
European Journal of Operational Research, - (2019).

A. Beutl, D. Cupid:
"A thermodynamic investigation on the substitution mechanism of Mg-doped lithium vanadium phosphate";
Electrochimica Acta, 311 (2019), 311; S. 103 - 113.

E. Anagnostopoulou, J. Urbancic, E. Bothos, B. Magoutas, L. Bradesko, J. Schrammel, G. Mentzas:
"From mobility patterns to behavioural change: leveraging travel behaviour and personality profiles to nudge for sustainable transportation";
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, # (2018), #; S. 1 - 22.

B. Dachs, S. Kinkel, A. Jäger, I. Palcic:
"Backshoring of production activities in European manufacturing";
Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, Volume 25, Issue 3 (2019), 100531; S. 1 - 16.

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