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A. Ortner, G. Totschnig:
"The future relevance of electricity balancing markets in Europe - A 2030 case study";
Energy Strategy Reviews, 24 (2019), S. 111 - 120.

F. Vogelbacher, J. Schotter, M. Sagmeister, J. Kraft, X. Zhou, J. Huang, L. Mingzhu, K. Jiang, Y. Song, K. Unterrainer, R. Hainberger:
"Integrated silicon nitride organic hybrid DFB laser with inkjet printed gain medium";
Photonics, 27(20) (2019), 20; S. 29350 - 29356.

M. Gall, B. Kohn, C Wiesmeyr, R. van Sluijs, E. Wilhelm, Q. Rondei, L. Jäger, P. Achermann, H. Landolt, O. Jenni, R. Riener, H. Garn, C. Hill:
"A Novel Approach to Assess Sleep-Related Rhythmic Movement Disorder in Children Using Automatic 3D Analysis";
Frontiers in Psychiatry, 10 (2019), S. 709.

D. Soukup, P. Thanner:
"Deep Learning der industriellen Inspektion - KI ist kein Allheilmittel";
Quality Engineering, P3 (2019), P3/2019; S. 10 - 11.

D. Bauer, G. Richter, J. Asamer, B. Heilmann, G. Lenz et al.:
""Quasi-dynamic estimation of O-D flows from traffic";
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 19 (6) (2019), S. 2025 - 2034.

A. Mutiari, N. Bansal, R. Hamid, M. Artner, V. Mayer, J. Roth, M. Weil, R. Wibowo:
"Dynamic interplay of alkali cations and natural organic binderin the microstructural evolution of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films prepared from Cu2ZnSnS4 powder-containing inks";
Rsc Advances, 9 (2019), S. 28670 - 28677.

G. Kostopoulos, K. Neureiter, D. Papatoiu, M. Tscheligi, C. Chrysoulas:
"ProMe: A Mentoring Platform for Older Adults Using Machine Learning Techniques for Supporting the "Live and Learn" Concept";
Mobile Information Systems, 2018 (2018), Article ID 9723268; 8 S.

B. Dachs, S. Kinkel, A. Jäger:
"Bringing it all back home? Backshoring of manufacturing activities and the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies";
Journal of World Business, 54 (2019), 6.

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