Important Recent Publications of the AIT

Recent Scientific Publications

E. Widl, G. Agugiaro, J. Peters-Anders:
"Linking Semantic 3D City Models with Domain-Specific Simulation Tools for the Planning and Validation of Energy Applications at District Level";
Sustainability, 13, 8782 (2021), Vol. 16.

D. Kutak, M. Nicolas, J. Byska, M. Ganuza, I. Barisic, B. Kozlíková, H. Miao:
"Vivern - A Virtual Environment for Multiscale Visualization and Modeling of DNA Nanostructures";
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 1 (2021), 1; 1 - 14.

H. Martin, Z. Ma, C. Schmittner, B. Winkler, M. Krammer, D. Schneider, T. Amorim, G. Macher, C. Kreiner:
"Combined automotive safety and security pattern engineering approach";
Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 198 (2020), 106773.

M. Münter, M. Pieper, T. Kohlfaerber, E. Bodenstorfer, M. Ahrens, C. Winter, R. Huber, P. König, G. Hüttmann, H. Schulz-Hildebrandt:
"Microscopic optical coherence tomography (mOCT) at 600 kHz for 4D volumetric imaging and dynamic contrast";
Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 12 (2021), Issue 10; 6024 - 6039.

R. Knevels, A. Brenning, S. Gingrich, G. Heiss, T. Lechner, P. Leopold, Ch. Plutzar, H. Proske, H. Petschko:
"Towards the Use of Land Use Legacies in Landslide Modeling: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives in an Austrian Case Study";
Land, 10 (2021), 954.

S. Adams, D. Kuch, L. Diamond, P. Fröhlich, I. Henriksen, C. Katzeff, M. Ryghaug, S. Yilmaz:
"Social license to automate: A critical review of emerging approaches to electricity demand management";
Energy Research & Social Science, 80 (2021), 102210; 12 pages.

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