Important Recent Publications of the AIT

Recent Scientific Publications

B. Fina, H Auer, W. Friedl:
"Profitability of active retrofitting of multi-apartment buildings: Building-attached/integrated photovoltaics with special consideration of different heating systems";
Energy and Buildings, 190 (2019), 86 - 102.

F. Vogelbacher, X. Zhou, J. Huang, L. Mingzhu, K. Jiang, Y. Song, K. Unterrainer, R. Hainberger:
"Material gain concentration quenching in organic dye-doped polymer thin films";
Optical Materials Express, 3/9 (2019), 3; 14 pages.

R. Jin, G. Chen, F. Laudenbach, S. Zhao, P. Lu:
"Thermal effects of the quantum states generated from the isomorphs of PPKTP crystal";
Optics & Laser Technology, 109 (2018), 222 - 226.

B. Bischof, T. Glück, M. Böck, A. Kugi:
"A Path/Surface Following Control Approach to Generate Virtual Fixtures";
IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 6 (2018), 34; 1577 - 1592.

K. Markvica, G. Richter, G. Lenz:
"Impact of urban street lighting on road users´ perception of public space and mobility behavior";
Building and Environment, 154 (2019), 32 - 43.

P. Schuster, J. Österreicher, G. Kirov, C. Sommitsch, O. Kessler, E. Mukeli:
"Characterisation and Comparison of Process Chains for Producing Automotive Structural Parts from 7xxx Aluminium Sheets";
Metals, 9 (2019), # - ?.

E. Anagnostopoulou, J. Urbancic, E. Bothos, B. Magoutas, L. Bradesko, J. Schrammel, G. Mentzas:
"From mobility patterns to behavioural change: leveraging travel behaviour and personality profiles to nudge for sustainable transportation";
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, # (2018), #; 1 - 22.

F. Meyer Brötz, B. Stelzer, E. Schiebel, L. Brecht:
"Mapping the technology and innovation management literature using hybrid bibliometric networks.";
International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 77 (2018), No. 4; 235 - 286.

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