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Recent Scientific Publications

E. Gavrilov, S. Schneider, M. Dennemark, R. König:
"Computer-aided approach to public buildings floor plan generation. Magnetizing Floor Plan Generator";
Environment And Planning B-Urban Analytics And City Science, 44 (2020), 44; 132 - 139.

G. Ferretti, G. Galamini, E. Deltedesco, M. Gorfer, J. Fritz, B. Faccini, A. Mentler, S. Zechmeister-Boltenstein, M. Coltorti, K.M. Keiblinger:
"Gross ammonification and nitrification rates in soil amended with natural and NH4-enriched Chabazite zeolite and nitrification inhibitor DMPP";
Applied Sciences, 11 (2021).

M. Pivoluska, M. Plesch, E. Aguilar-Lozano, M. Farkas, N. Ruzičková, C. Flegel, N. Herrera Valencia, W. McCutcheon, M. Malik:
"Semi-device-independent random number generation with flexible assumptions";
Npj Quantum Information, 7 (2021), 50; 1.

C. Rossides, S. Pender, P. Schneider:
"3D cyclorama for digital unrolling and visualisation of deformed tubes";
Scientific Reports, . (2021), 1 - 15.

T. Klein, G. Graf, P. Staron, A. Stark, H. Clemens, P. Spoerk:
"Microstructure evolution induced by the intrinsic heat treatment occurring during wire-arc additive manufacturing of an Al-Mg-Zn-Cu crossover alloy";
Materials Letters, 303 (2021), 130500; #.

F. Infarinato, S. Jansen-Kosterink, P. Romano, L. van Velsen, H. op den Akker, F. Rizza, M. Ottaviani, S. Kyriazakos, B. Wais-Zechmann, M. Garschall, S. Bonassi, H. Hermens:
"Acceptance and potential impact of the eWALL platform for health monitoring and promotion in persons with a chronic disease or age-related impairment";
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17 (2020), 7893; 17 pages.

C. Baungaard, K. Kok, A. den Boer, C. Brierley, M. van der Meij, M. Gjefsen, J. Wenink, P. Wagner, R. Gemen, B. Regeer, J. Broerse:
"FIT4FOOD2030: Future-proofing Europe´s Food Systems with Tools for Transformation and a Sustainable Food Systems Network";
Nutrition Bulletin, 46 (2021), 172 - 184.

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