Important Recent Publications of the AIT

Recent Scientific Publications

A. Tayyebi Khameneh, D. Groß, A. Anta, F. Kupzog, F. Dörfler:
"Frequency Stability of Synchronous Machines and Grid-Forming Power Converters";
IEEE Journal Of Emerging And Selected Topics In Power Electronics, Volume 8 (2020), No. 2; 1004 - 1018.

K. Danninger, A. Hafez, R. Binder, M. Aichberger, B. Hametner, S. Wassertheurer, T. Weber:
"High prevalence of hypertension and early vascular aging: a screening program in pharmacies in Upper Austria";
Journal of Human Hypertension, 34 (2020), 326 - 334.

A. D´Alconzo, I. Drago, A. Morichetta, M. Mellia, P. Casas:
"A Survey on Big Data for Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis";
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 16 (2019), 3; 800 - 813.

P. Thanner:
"ICI- Technologie prüft besser, schneller und genauer";
Quality Engineering, 04 (2020), 04; 1 - 5.

P. Nolz:
"Optimizing construction schedules and material deliveries in city logistics - A case study from the building industry";
Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, - (2020), 1.

A. Horr, J. Kronsteiner:
"On Numerical Simulation of Casting in New Foundries: Dynamic Process Simulations";
Metals, 10 (2020), 886; # - ?.

M. Seufert, N. Wehner, P. Casas:
"A Fair Share for All: TCP-inspired Adaptation Logic for QoE Fairness among Heterogeneous HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming Clients";
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 16 (2019), 2; 14 pages.

M. Neuländtner:
"An Empirical Agent-Based Model for Regional Knowledge Creation in Europe";
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 9 (2020), 8.

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