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Recent Scientific Publications

P. Hettegger, J. Huber, K. Passecker, R. Soldo, U. Kegler, Ch. Nöhammer, A. Weinhäusel:
"High similarity of IgG antibody profiles in blood and saliva opens opportunities for saliva based serology";
Plos One, 14 (2019), 6; 1.

M. Krohn, V. Zoufal, S. Mairinger, T. Wanek, K. Paarmann, T. Brüning, I. Eiriz, M. Brackhan, O. Langer, J. Pahnke:
"Generation and Characterization of an Abcc1 Humanized Mouse Model (hABCC1flx/flx) with Knockout Capability";
Molecular Pharmacology, 96/2 (2019), 138 - 147.

M. Linder, E. Glitzner, S. Srivatsa, L. Bakiri, K. Matsuoka, P. Shahrouzi, M. Dumanic, P. Novoszel, T. Mohr, O. Langer, T. Wanek, M. Mitterhauser, E. Wagner, M. Sibilia:
"EGFR is required for FOS-dependent bone tumor development via RSK2/CREB signaling";
EMBO Molecular Medicine, 10/11 (2018).

H. Hernandez Lozano, R. Karch, M. Bauer, M. Blaickner, A. Matsuda, B. Wulkersdorfer, M. Hacker, M. Zeitlinger, O. Langer:
"Towards Improved Pharmacokinetic Models for the Analysis of Transporter-Mediated Hepatic Disposition of Drug Molecules with Positron Emission Tomography";
AAPS Journal, 4 (2019), 1 - 14.

P. Sarafidis, C. Loutradis, C. Mayer, A. Karpetas, A. Bikos, S. Wassertheurer, C. Schmaderer, A. Papagianni, G. London:
"The Prognostic Significance of the Blood Pressure-Pulse Wave Velocity Association for Cardiovascular Outcomes and Mortality in Hemodialysis Patients";
Journal of Hypertension, / (2019), 37.

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