Important Recent Publications of the Center "Health & Bioresources"

Recent Scientific Publications

D. Baumgarnter, B. Johannsen, M. Specht, J. Lüddecke, Rombach, S. Hin, N. Paust, F. von Stetten, R. Zengerle, C. Herz, J. Peham, P. Paqué, T. Attin, J. Jenzer, P. Körner:
"OralDisk: A Chair-Side Compatible Molecular Platform Using Whole Saliva for Monitoring Oral Health at the Dental Practice";
Biosensors - Basel, 11 (2021), 11; 1 - 23.

A. Ziegl, A. Ziegl, E. Fabiani, B. Simunič, K. Löffler, L. Weidinger, B. Brix, N. Goswami, G. Schreier:
"Quantification of the Link between Timed Up-and-Go Test Subtasks and Contractile Muscle Properties";
Sensors, Special Issue "Image and Signal Processing for Biomedical Applications" (2021), Vol21(Issue19) / PaperNr. 6539; 1 - 12.

T. Stamm, V Ritschl, M. Omara, M. R. Andrews, N. Mevenkamp, A. Rzepka, M. Schirmer, S. Walch, T. Salzberger, E. Mosor:
"Rasch Model of the COVID-19 Symptom Checklist - A Psychometric Validation Study";
Viruses, Viruses 2021, Volume 13, Issue 9 (2021), 1762; 12 pages.

D. Kutak, M. Nicolas, J. Byska, M. Ganuza, I. Barisic, B. Kozlíková, H. Miao:
"Vivern - A Virtual Environment for Multiscale Visualization and Modeling of DNA Nanostructures";
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 1 (2021), 1; 1 - 14.

S. Berger, J. Rühe, J. Schwarzmann, A. Phillipps, A. Richard, M. Ferger, I. Krummenacher, L. Tumir, Z. Ban, I. Crnolatac, D. Majhen, I. Barisic, I. Piantanida:
"Bithiophene-Cored, mono-, bis-, and tris- (Trimethylammonium)-Substituted, bis-Triarylborane Chromophores: Effect of the Number and Position of Charges on Cell Imaging and DNA/RNA Sensing";
Chemistry-A European Journal, 1 (2021), 1; 14057 - 14072.

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