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Recent Scientific Publications

F. Vogelbacher, J. Schotter, M. Sagmeister, J. Kraft, X. Zhou, J. Huang, L. Mingzhu, K. Jiang, Y. Song, K. Unterrainer, R. Hainberger:
"Integrated silicon nitride organic hybrid DFB laser with inkjet printed gain medium";
Photonics, 27(20) (2019), 20; 29350 - 29356.

V. Zoufal, T. Wanek, M. Krohn, S. Mairinger, T. Filip, M. Sauberer, J. Stanek, T. Pekar, M. Bauer, J. Pahnke, O. Langer:
"Age dependency of cerebral P-glycoprotein function in wild-type and APPPS1 mice measured with PET";
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, - (2018).

M. Bauer, R. Karch, B. Wulkersdorfer, C. Philippe, L. Nics, E. Klebermass, M. Weber, S. Poschner, H. Haslacher, W. Jäger, N. Tournier, W. Wadsak, M. Hacker, M. Zeitlinger, O. Langer:
"A proof-of-concept study to inhibit ABCG2- and ABCB1-mediated efflux transport at the human blood-brain barrier";
Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Issue 60, Volume 4 (2019), 486 - 491.

M. Bauer, N. Tournier, O. Langer:
"Imaging P-glycoprotein function at the blood-brain barrier as a determinant of the variability in response to CNS drugs";
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Issue 105, Volume 5 (2019), 1061 - 1064.

P. Sarafidis, C. Loutradis, C. Mayer, A. Karpetas, E. Pagkopoulou, A. Bikos, D. Faitatzidou, S. Wassertheurer, C. Schmaderer, V. Liakopoulos, A. Papagianni, G. London:
"Weak within-individual association of blood pressure and pulse wave velocity in hemodialysis is related to adverse outcomes";
Journal of Hypertension, 11/37 (2019), 2200 - 2208.

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