Important Recent Publications of the Center "Vision, Automation & Control"

Recent Scientific Publications

W. Kemmetmüller, M. Meiringer, V. Platzgummer, A. Kugi:
"Optimale Abstützung eines mobilen Großraummanipulators";
at - Automatisierungstechnik, 69 (9) (2021), 782 - 794.

C. Kapeller, E. Bodenstorfer:
"Photometric stereo-based high-speed inline battery electrode inspection";
tm- Technisches Messen, 88 (2021), 7-8; 423 - 432.

V. Shaferman, M. Schwegel, T. Glück, A. Kugi:
"Continuous-time least-squares forgetting algorithms for indirect adaptive control";
European Journal of Control, June (2021).

C. Rossides, S. Pender, P. Schneider:
"3D cyclorama for digital unrolling and visualisation of deformed tubes";
Scientific Reports, . (2021), 1 - 15.

M. Casanova, A. Schindeler, L. Peacock, L. Lee, P. Schneider, D.G. Little, R. Müller:
"Characterization of the Developing Lacunocanalicular Network During Fracture Repair";
JBMR Plus, e10525 (2021), Vol. 00; 1 - 9.

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