Important Recent Publications of the Center "Digital Safety & Security"

Recent Scientific Publications

H. Martin, Z. Ma, C. Schmittner, B. Winkler, M. Krammer, D. Schneider, T. Amorim, G. Macher, C. Kreiner:
"Combined automotive safety and security pattern engineering approach";
Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 198 (2020), 106773.

T. Placho, C. Schmittner, A. Bonitz, O. Wana:
"Management of automotive software updates";
Microprocessors and Microsystems, 78 (2020), 103257.

L. Jiménez, M. Solera, M. Toril, C. Gijón, P. Casas:
"Content Matters: Clustering Web Pages for QoE Analysis with WebCLUST";
IEEE Access, 2021 (2021), 1 - 16.

F. Skopik, M. Wurzenberger, M. Landauer:
"The Seven Golden Principles of Effective Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection";
IEEE Security & Privacy, 19 (2021), 36 - 45.

S. Zelenbaba:
"Multi-Node Vehicular Wireless Channels: Measurements, Large Vehicle Modelling, and Hardware-in-the-Loop Evaluation";
IEEE Access, 9 (2021), 112439 - 112453.

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