Important Recent Publications of the Center "Innovation Systems & Policy"

Recent Scientific Publications

L. Withycombe Keeler, M. Bernstein:
"The Future of Aging in Smart Environments: Four Scenarios for 2050";
Futures, 133 (2021).

A. Wierling, V. Schwanitz, S. Altinci, M.J. Barber, C. Burger-Scheidlin, M. Paier, D. Suna, A. Unger et al.:
"FAIR Metadata Standards for Low Carbon Energy Research-A Review of Practices and How to Advance";
Energies, 14 (2021), 20.

A. Meisner, B. Wepner, T. Kostic, L. van Overbeek, C. Bunthof, R. de Souza, M. Olivares, Y. Sanz, L. Lange, D. Fischer, A. Sessitsch, H. Smidt:
"Calling for a systems approach in microbiome research and innovation";
Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 73 (2021), 171 - 178.

C. Baungaard, K. Kok, A. den Boer, C. Brierley, M. van der Meij, M. Gjefsen, J. Wenink, P. Wagner, R. Gemen, B. Regeer, J. Broerse:
"FIT4FOOD2030: Future-proofing Europe´s Food Systems with Tools for Transformation and a Sustainable Food Systems Network";
Nutrition Bulletin, 46 (2021), 172 - 184.

K. Liu, Z. Gu, M. Islam, T. Scherngell, X. Kong, J. Zhao, X. Chen, Y. Hu:
"Global landscape of patents related to human coronaviruses";
International Journal Of Biological Sciences, 17 (2021), 6; 12 pages.

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