Important Recent Publications of the Center "Energy"

Recent Scientific Publications

B. Fina, C. Monsberger, H Auer:
"Simulation or estimation?-Two approaches to calculate financial benefits of energy communities";
Journal of Cleaner Production, 330 (2021), 129733; 14 pages.

C. Rudloff, M. Straub:
"Mobility surveys beyond stated preference: Introducing MyTrips, an SP-off-RP survey tool, and results of two case studies";
European Transport Research Review, Online first (2021), 1 - 16.

J. Emhofer, K. Marx, A. Sporr, T. Barz, B. Nitsch, M. Wiesflecker, W. Pink:
"Experimental demonstration of an air-source heat pump application using an integrated phase change material storage as a desuperheater for domestic hot water generation,";
Applied Energy, Sonderdruck (2021), 305; 117890.

M. Popovac, J. Emhofer, C. Reichl:
"Frosting in a heat pump evaporator part B: Numerical analysis";
Applied Thermal Engineering, 199 (2021), 117488.

C. Reichl, C. Sandström, F. Hochwallner, F. Linhardt, M. Popovac, J. Emhofer:
"Frosting in heat pump evaporators part A: Experimental investigation";
Applied Thermal Engineering, 199 (2021), 117487.

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