Important Recent Publications of the Center "Energy"

Recent Scientific Publications

A. Mutiari, N. Bansal, R. Hamid, M. Artner, V. Mayer, J. Roth, M. Weil, R. Wibowo:
"Dynamic interplay of alkali cations and natural organic binderin the microstructural evolution of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films prepared from Cu2ZnSnS4 powder-containing inks";
Rsc Advances, 9 (2019), 28670 - 28677.

A. Ortner, G. Totschnig:
"The future relevance of electricity balancing markets in Europe - A 2030 case study";
Energy Strategy Reviews, 24 (2019), 111 - 120.

B. Fina, H Auer, W. Friedl:
"Profitability of PV sharing in energy communities: Use cases for different settlement patterns";
Energy, 189 (2019), 19 pages.

M. Gilanifar, J. Cordova, H. Wang, M. Stifter, E. Ozguven, T. Strasser, R. Arghandeh:
"Multi-Task Logistic Low-Ranked Dirty Model for Fault Detection in Power Distribution System";
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, PP (2019), 99; 1 - 10.

L. Papargyri, M. Theristis, B. Kubicek, T. Krametz, C Mayr, P. Papanastasiou, G. Georghiou:
"Modelling and experimental investigations of microcracks in crystalline silicon photovoltaics: A review";
Renewable Energy, 145 (2019), 2020; 2387 - 2408.

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