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David Blacher
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Talks and Poster Presentations at Conferences

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  1. D. Blacher, S. Jäger:
    "Physical shape optimization for a three-dimensional flow using a sedimentation - erosion model and the lattice Boltzmann method";
    Talk: Konferenz EFMC12, Wien; 09-11-2018.

  2. S. Jäger, D. Blacher, M. Harasek:
    "Physical shape optimisation in fluid flow using lattice Boltzmann Method";
    Talk: 7th European Conference in Computational Fluid Dynamics ECFD7, Glasgow; 06-11-2018 - 06-15-2018.

  3. J. Kronsteiner, A. Kolody, S. Brötz, S. Jäger, D. Blacher, B. Pruckner, A. Horr, E. Kabliman:
    "Werkstoff- und Gefügemodellierung";
    Poster: 25 Jahre LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen, Ranshofen; 09-17-2019.

Other Talks and Poster Presentations

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  1. D. Blacher:
    "Inspired by nature: A highly adaptive erosion/sedimentation approach to minimising turbulences in fluid flow";
    Poster: AIT Poster Award, Wien; 05-17-2018.