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Susanne Meyer
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Publications in Scientific Journals

3 records:
  1. S. Meyer, M. Berger:
    "Internationalisation of research and development activities of small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria: Strategic drivers for spatial organisation";
    Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsgeographie, 58 (2014), 1; 1 - 17.

  2. S. Meyer, J. Revilla:
    "One country, two systems: How regional institutions shape governance modes in the greater Pearl River Delta, China";
    Papers in Regional Science, 94 (2015), 4; 891 - 900.

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  3. C. Reiner, S. Meyer, S. Sardadvar:
    "Urban attraction policies for international academic talent: Munich and Vienna in comparison";
    Cities, 61 (2017), 27 - 35.

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Talks and Poster Presentations at Conferences

8 records:
  1. M. Hübner, S. Meyer:
    "Umsetzungsplan für die Energieforschungsinitiative der österreichischen Klima-und Energiestrategie";
    Talk: Mission Innovation Week Austria 2019, Oberwart; 05-08-2019.

  2. S. Meyer:
    "Tackling the evaluation of societal impact: The experience of Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe";
    Talk: European RTD Evaluation Network Meeting, Vienna (invited); 11-07-2018.

  3. S. Meyer:
    "Urban policies and the competition for academic talent: Vienna and Munich in comparison";
    Talk: The 2nd Geography of Innovation Conference, Utrecht; 01-23-2014 - 01-25-2014.

  4. S. Meyer, K. Böhme, R. Kalcik:
    "JPI Urban Europe - Findings from the Pilot Action on Monitoring";
    Keynote Lecture: JPI Urban Europe Management Board Meeting, Vienna (invited); 09-26-2018.

  5. S. Meyer, K. Böhme, R. Kalcik:
    "Monitoring of Joint Calls and Projects in JPI Urban Europe";
    Talk: JPI Urban Europe Funding Agency Working Group, Vienna (invited); 09-27-2018.

  6. S. Meyer, G. Haindlmaier:
    "R&I activities on sustainable urbanisation in Europe and Austria selected projects";
    Talk: AIT Guest Lecture with Prof. Yee LEUNG, Wien; 06-13-2018.

  7. S. Meyer, H. Schwarz:
    "Towards 100 Positive Energy Districts ‎by 2025 - SET-Plan Implementation Plan 3.2.";
    Talk: Stadt der Zukunft: Auf dem Weg zum Plus-Energie-Quartier, Wien; 06-20-2018.

  8. H. Schwarz, S. Meyer:
    "Towards Positive Energy Districts by 2025 SET-Plan Implementation Plan 3.2";
    Talk: National Delegates of the Implementation Working Group of SET-Plan Action 3.2, Brussels (invited); 10-22-2018.