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W. Herzner, W. Kubinger, M. Gruber:
"Triple-T (Time -Triggered Transmission) A System of Patterns for Reliable Communication in Hard Real-Time Systems";
Talk: 9th European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs, Irsee, Germany; 07-07-2004 - 07-11-2004.

English abstract:
Computer-based hard real-time systems (where "hard real-time" denotes that the miss of a deadline will cause high risk to human lives or environment) become increasingly used in safety-critical application domains like avionics, automotive, or high-speed process control. Crucial to their successful utilisation is a reliable communication among thei components as well as strict constraints on transmission times. Triple-T is a group of patterns, which not only guarantees transmission durations, but also provides for solving related dependability issues.

hard real-time communication, time-triggered communication, dependability, reliability

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