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M. Ralbovsky, S. Deix, R. Flesch:
"Frequency changes in frequency-based damage identification";
Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, Vol. 6 (2010), Issue 5; 611 - 619.

English abstract:
The eigenfrequencies of a bridge are influenced by the environment and by structural integrity. The task of damage
identification is to conclude structural integrity from measured eigenfrequencies. Environmental frequency changes
are a negative effect that hinders reliable damage identification. In this paper, it is experimentally shown how
temperature and traffic load affect the eigenfrequencies, and reduction of this effect using a frequency prediction
model is presented. Random variations are described using a probability density function, and a damage indicator
based on this function is proposed. The paper addresses the issue of reliability of damage detection considering
random and systematic errors that are present in the eigenfrequencies extracted from measurements. Various
damage scenarios are presented, both with identifiable and non-identifiable damages.

damage identification; eigenfrequency variation; bridge monitoring; reliability of damage detection

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