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P. Saleh, G. Yannis, E. Vlahogianni, J. Golias:
"Road Infrastructureband Safety of Powered Two-Wheelers";
Vortrag: World Conference on Transport Research, Lissabon, Portugal; 11.07.2010 - 15.07.2010; in: "CD of Proceedings, Book of Abstracts", (2010), Paper-Nr. ID 2830 R, 241 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Power Two-Wheelers (PTWs) safety risk factors are examined in relation to the road
infrastructure characteristics and the extent and magnitude of their influence to the PTW
accidentology is discussed. In view of the above, a variety of published articles, European
and international research reports and other public studies have been collected and analyzed
with respect to specific road infrastructure characteristics such the type of the area and
location of the accident, the road geometry and roadside installations, issues of lighting and
visibility, collision type and road surface condition. Analysis results indicate a significant
number of factors that contribute to the increase PTW accident risk, for example accidents
occurring inside urban areas, or at the vicinity of extreme road geometries such as severe
bends and high gradients. Moreover, disharmonic alignment design and maintenance
defects emerged as critical in the present study. The paper also addresses several
interdependencies between different risk factors. Finally, the paper provides a discussion on
the importance of each risk factor revealed with respect to the existing literature dedicated to
the specific factor, as well as the need for further research.

Power Two-Wheelers, road safety, infrastructure, risk factors

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