Diplom- und Master-Arbeiten (eigene und betreute):

C. Hartmann:
"DA: Analyse von unfallkausalen Zusammenhängen von Motorradunfällen in Abhängigkeit der Radienrelation";
Betreuer/in(nen): G. Sammer, P. Maurer, P. Saleh; BOKU Wien, 2010; Abschlussprüfung: 02.03.2010.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Defects in the layout of a road can be a factor for critical traffic situations. Especially
for motorcyclists such defects can be dangerous, because they have a directly dependence
on the layout of a road based on dynamic backgrounds.
The ambition of this paper is to investigate a possible relation between the road design
parameter "radii relation" and powered two-wheeler (PTW).
First at all, a comprehensive literature research about the topic PTW safety, especially
the influence of environmental factors is conducted. The results of this research
and the detailed statistical analysis of PTW accidents are the base for the following
analysis. 10.558 PTW accidents in the years 2000 to 2007 are analyzed at
rural roads (Landesstraßen B Netz) in Austria.
Highlighted is the focus in the curve radius and the radii relations, due to the fact that
the most severe PTW accidents occur in or after curves. To detect an influence of the
parameter radii relation to the PTW accidents, predefined relations at federal roads in
Austria are analyzed. In order to do so, the software tool MARVin and the accidents
data of STATISTIK Austria are used.
The second part of the main investigation are the analysis of defined road sections at
typical motorcycles routes. These sections shows articulately perceptions. Especially
the relation R1/R2 >1 (the accident happens on sections, where the first curve radius
is larger than the second on) shows an significant negative influence to PTW accidents.
The results gained from these investigations can be used for further research projects.

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