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U. Ritzinger, J. Puchinger, R. Hartl:
"A restricted dynamic programming algorithm for the dial-a-ride problem";
Vortrag: 9th Metaheuristic International Conference (MIC 2011), Udine; 25.07.2011 - 28.07.2011; in: "MIC 2011 conference proceedings", (2011), ISBN: 978-88-900984-3-7; 3 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this paper, a restricted dynamic programming algorithm for the static multiple vehicle dial-aride problem is presented. Passengers have to be transported between pickup and delivery locations, while minimizing travel distances, respecting time window, user ride time and route duration constraints. We report preliminary results for benchmark instances which provide promising results. Algorithmic extensions and a hybrid metaheuristic are considered as pathways for future work.

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