Vorträge und Posterpräsentationen (mit Tagungsband-Eintrag):

J. Zajicek, H. Koller, W. Toplak:
"A large scale quality assessment approach of ITS data supported by airborne Sensing";
Vortrag: 18th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, Orlando; 16.10.2011 - 20.10.2011; in: "Proceedings of the 18th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems", 2020 (2011).

Kurzfassung deutsch:
An integrative system design of a novel airborne based traffic data source which is developed in the research project "Air2Traffic" is introduced. Data is obtained in test flights at predefined locations of interest in inter-urban high-ranking and intra-urban low-ranking road networks. A variety of already existing traffic data sources from different intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in Austria is prepared for comparison. Individual specifics of the
state-of-the-art ITS technologies used are listed and benefits of the Air2Traffic approach in respect to fill existing gaps are discussed. A Quality Monitoring System (QMS) which unifies
different data sources and predictors is introduced.

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