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W. Ponweiser, M. Litzenberger, D. Bauer, J. Theunis, M. Schramm, A. Paukerl, R. North, J. Mills, G. Kouwijzer:
"CARBOTRAF - A Decision Support System for Reducing CO2 and Black Carbon Emissions by Adaptive Traffic Management";
Vortrag: 19th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, Wien; 22.10.2012 - 26.10.2012; in: "19th ITS World Congress, Vienna, Austria, 22/26 October 2012", (2012), Paper-Nr. EU-00461.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The CARBOTRAF system combines real-time monitoring of traffic and air pollution with simulation models for the prediction of CO2, black carbon emissions and air quality in order to provide on-line recommendations for alternative traffic management options. The system will be implemented within the framework of a FP7 (ICT for Transport) project funded by the European Union and will be tested in the cities Graz and Glasgow. The first result of CARBOTRAF are the analysis and synthesis of the most relevant user needs and
requirements in the test cities as well as the actual status and achievements regarding traffic conditioned emissions at the two test sites. The test sites have been selected due to the very different topological situation.

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