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C. Rudloff, B. Lackner, M. Prandtstetter, M. Straub:
"Demand Modelling as a Basis for Optimising the Redistribution of Bikes in the Vienna Bicycle Sharing System";
Vortrag: 22. EURO, Rom; 01.07.2013 - 04.07.2013.

Kurzfassung englisch:
To optimise redistribution of bicycles in a bike-sharing system it is necessary to understand the inherent demand for bikes and free spaces to return bikes. Different count models and model selection procedures showed that negative binomial models give the best fit for the three years of data from the Viennese bike-sharing system. The model fit can be further improved by including variables showing for each time step if the three closest neighbouring stations are full or empty. We outline how this model can be exploited for redistributing bikes such that all user demands can be fulfilled.

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