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P. Saleh, F. La Torre, X. Cocu, P. Tucka, R. Thomson:
"Speed Management in Work Zones - The ASAP Project";
Poster: TRA 2014, Paris; 14.04.2014 - 17.04.2014; in: "TRA 2014 Proceedings, USB-Stick + Book of Abstracts", 17731 (2014).

Kurzfassung englisch:
Speed management of traffic in work zones is important for the safety of both the road user and road worker. A work zone will introduce deviations from normal travel in a discrete road section and appropriate speed is needed to ensure that the driver can navigate the vehicle through the work zone, particularly if there are abrupt lateral deviations from general road design norms. The Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) is funding transnational road research projects regarding work zone safety in the 2012 Safety Programme. The ASAP project - Appropriate Speed saves All People - addresses the issues of speed management in work zones. The European state of the art for assigning work zone speed limits is presented with initial data collected in different work zones. Global experiences with enforcement strategies for works zones are also presented.

Work zone, speed, safety, guidelines, enforcement

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