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R. Stiles, B. Gasienica-Wawrytko, K. Hagen, H. Trimmel, W. Loibl, T. Tötzer, M. Köstl, S. Pauleit, A. Schirmann, W. Feilmayr:
"Understanding the whole city as landscape. A multivariate approach to urban landscape morphology";
SPOOL, 1/1 (2014), 401 - 418.

English abstract:
The European Landscape Convention implies a requirement for signatory states to identify their urban
landscapes which goes beyond the traditional focus on individual parks and green spaces and the links
between them. Landscape ecological approaches can provide a useful model for identifying urban landscape
types across a whole territory, but the variables relevant for urban landscapes are very different to those
usually addressing rural areas. This paper presents an approach for classifying the urban landscape of Vienna
that was developed in a research project funded by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and
Technology: `Urban Fabric and Microclimate Response´. Nine landscape types and a number of sub-types
were defined, using a multivariate statistical approach which takes into account both morphological and
urban climate related variables. Although the variables were selected to objectively reflect the factors that
could best represent the urban climatic characteristics of the urban landscape, the results also provided a
widely plausible representation of the structure of the city´s landscapes. Selected examples of the landscape
types that were defined in this way were used both to simulate current microclimatic conditions and also to
model the effects of possible climatic amelioration measures. Finally the paper looks forward to developing
a more general-purpose urban landscape typology that allows investigating a much broader complex of
urban landscape functions.

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