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T. Tötzer, H. Mitter, M. König:
"How can individuals, households and companies contribute to adaptation? What are the opportunities and threats of private adaptation?";
Talk: From Knowledge to Action - Alpine Regions Adapting to Climate Change, City Hall, Vienna; 10-14-2014.

English abstract:
In many European countries a national adaptation strategy (NAS) exists, which provides a strategic, governmental framework at national level for climate change adaptation. However, the implementation of adaptation measures mostly takes place at local and often private, individual level. In this future lab we aimed to gain a better understanding of private adaptation: where does it already take place, where is willingness, ability and capacity of individuals, households and companies to adapt, how can private adaptation relief public adaptation costs, where is it necessary to call for regulations/restrictions to avoid trade-offs, where are barriers for private adaptation and how can good adaptation governance foster further private adaptation actions

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