Publications in Scientific Journals:

?. Nguyen, ?. Freytag, M. Ralbovsky, ?. Rio:
"Assessment of serviceability limit state of vibrations in the UHPFRC-Wild bridge through an updated FEM using vehicle-bridge interaction";
Computers & Structures, Vol 156, August 2015 (2015), 156; 29 - 41.

English abstract:
The slender designs of bridge imply an important increased susceptibility of bridge structures to trafficinduced
vibrations and the Serviceability Limit State (SLS) of vibrations cannot be neglected in the bridge
design. An innovative vehicle-bridge interaction model is proposed, in which the vehicles modeled as a
multibody system interact with the updated bridge model by means of a contact, considering road surface
roughness. An extensive study is performed to explore the influence of different factors on the
dynamic vibrations of Wild bridge. The bridge vibrations are not only governed by the fundamental
mode, but also are dominated by other torsional modes.

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