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M. Kwapisz, A. Vorwagner, M. Ralbovsky:
"Uncertainty of bridge vibration properties and its consequence for damage identification";
Talk: COMPDYN 2015: 5th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Crete, Greece; 05-25-2015 - 05-27-2015; in: "Proceedings of COMPDYN 2015", TU Athens, (2015).

English abstract:
This study deals with the topic of bridge health monitoring based on identification
of bridge vibration properties, which are influenced by uncertainties. Focus is laid on quantification
of the uncertainties from continuous monitoring data. The determined uncertainties
are then used in probabilistic evaluation of structural state. The purpose is to acquire besides
the "best-match" structural state also the reliability of identification. A method for automated
extraction of modal parameters and evaluation of their uncertainties is presented. It comprises
clustering and statistical evaluation of Stochastic Subspace Identification system poles. The
statistical properties of modal parameters are used to build a set of probabilistic variables
sampled using Monte-Carlo Simulation. The generated sets are used for probabilistic damage
detection, which uses a forward approach of finding the best match within a database of precalculated
structural states. The presented study was performed using monitoring data acquired
on a prestressed concrete box-girder bridge in course of 9 months of continuous data

Uncertainty, Modal properties, Damage Detection, Clustering, Monte-Carlo Simulation

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