Publications in Scientific Journals:

P. Biegelbauer:
"How Different Forms Of Policy Learning Influence Each Other: Case Studies from Austrian Innovation Policy-Making";
Policy Studies, 37 (2016), 2; 129 - 146.

English abstract:
This paper investigates the question whether different forms of
policy learning influence each other. The focus is on relationships
between different forms of policy learning, which are explored on
the basis of case study research in the field of research,
technology and innovation policy-making in Austria. Methods
utilised are expert interviews and document analysis besides
literature and media recherché. With the goal to better
understand the mechanisms behind learning processes, different
forms of knowledge utilisation are linked to organisation types.
The analysis suggests that the introduction of radical policy
innovations was possible because different forms of learning were
mutually beneficial and enabled actors to reach their goals.
Learning about how to obtain political goals provided
opportunities to increase the leverage of learning on policy
instruments and goals, whilst insights into policies from other
countries were also utilised for political learning.

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