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M. Ralbovsky, ?. Dieng, A. Znidaric, ?. Girardeau, ?. Falaise, ?. Gaillet:
"Bridge Assessment Using Weigh-In-Motion and Acoustic Emision Methods";
Talk: 34th International Modal Analysis Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA; 01-25-2016 - 01-28-2016; in: "Proceedings of 34th International Modal Analysis Conference", Society for Experimental Mechanics, USA, Bethel (2016), Paper ID 144.

English abstract:
Most of civil engineering structures are subjected to potential damages mainly due to dynamic oscillations induced
by wind, rain or traffic. The aim of this paper is to combined BridgeWeigh-In-Motion (B-WIM) technic and Acoustic Emission
(AE) monitoring in order to evaluate the health state of bridge structures. AE technique is able to determine location of active
damage zones, if sufficient density of sensors is used. Within TRIMM European project, this technique was for the first time
combined with Bridge-Weigh-In-Motion (BWIM) technique to correlate real traffic load level with registered cracking activity.
Combination of AE and B-WIM techniques enables determining of load level at which nonlinearities start to develop. The
technique provides an indication of progressing structural damage under operating traffic loads.

Civil engineering structures, Bridge Weigh-In-motion, Acoustic Emission, Cracks

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