P. Saleh, I. Mocanu, M. Czuka, C. Aichinger, S. Gasparoni:
"Dynamic and acoustic behavior of electric versus combustion vehicles";
Transportation Research Procedia, 14 (2016), 14; S. 2517 - 2526.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper focuses on the methodologies and tools in use to answer the following research question: Is the dynamic and acoustic
behaviour of electric vehicles without consequence in terms of a safe integration into current and future road traffic? Our research
aims at investigating possible dissimilarities between electric and combustion cars that could reveal potential road safety risks.
To this end, vehicle dynamics and acoustic parameters were collected in a field operational trial that was carried out on
a dedicated test track, where a professional test driver executed a series of specific driving manoeuvres with three pairs of
combustion-electric cars. Preliminary analyses indicate significant differences for the interior acoustics and the external acoustic
emissions. Regarding the vehicle dynamics, no direct road safety relevant differences were identified yet

Road safety; eletric vehicles; vehicle dynamics; vehicle acoustics

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