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M. Reisinger, K. Röderer:
"Im fine, thank you - Contextualizing Mental Wellbeing for Persuasive Technologies";
Talk: 14th International Conference on Persuasive Technology, Limassol, Cyprus; 04-09-2019 - 04-11-2019.

English abstract:
Persuasive technologies aim at helping individuals to achieve changes in their be-haviors - changes that are often embedded in a vision of "wellbeing". With a greater recognition of mental health as an area of concern, some persuasive tech-nologies also specifically aim at mental aspects of wellbeing. Yet, whether target-ed as a whole or in part, "wellbeing" quite often persists to be a hazy ultimate goal, little defined or made accessible through measurement techniques. In the present paper, we review wellbeing in the field of persuasive technology to elicit suitable definitions of wellbeing for persuasive technology and mental health, en-abling both grounding and factual base for persuasive wellbeing and wellbeing driven technology design.

Wellbeing, Persuasive Technology, Intervention, Definition, Review, Mental Health

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