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E. Schiebel, M. Eichler, R. Kalcik, T. Scherngell, C. Wagner, K.M. Weber:
"A framework to measure the impact of science of a research organization";
Talk: ISSI 2019 - 17th International Conference On Scientometrics & Infometrics, Rome; 09-02-2019 - 09-05-2019; in: "ISSI 2019 - 17th International Conference On Scientometrics & Infometrics", (2019).

English abstract:
Recently, expectations regarding the benefits of scientific research for social well-being have continually increased. These growing expectations are linked to the highly ambitious (social) aims of research and innovation policies which are increasingly shifting their focus from the economic impact, for example productivity gains, economic growth or job creation, to a vast field of goals which aim to address grand, socio-political challenges. Public funded research organizations like universities, competence centers, non-academic research institutes must report on the impact of their research and proposals for research projects need an outlook on societal implications. We propose a framework for the measurement of the societal impact of research with a pathway model. It includes 8 categories and 13 dimensions like economic impact, environmental impact and others. The pathways are focused on the mission of the organization and its activities to measurable impacts on innovation and other dimensions. The methodologies followed vary from science mapping, network analysis to counterfactual analysis.

R&I, Societal impact, Science mapping, Network analysis, Counterfactual analysis

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