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K.M. Weber, K. Lamprecht, P. Biegelbauer:
"Shaping a new understanding of the impact of Horizon Europe: The roles of the European Commission and member states";
fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation, 47 (2019), 146 - 154.

English abstract:
This paper aims at tracing the process and the arguments that have led to the proposal of the 9th European framework programme for research and innovation `Horizon Europe´. We are particularly interested in the role and influence of member states, especially in their interplay with the European Commission, on the actual shape of the FP9 proposal, next to important contributions to this still ongoing debate, such as the interim evaluation of H2020, and various expert groups. The paper focuses on two of the novel elements of Horizon Europe, namely the concept of `missions´ as approach to help enhance the societal impact of ´Horizon Europe´, and the proposal to establish a European Innovation Council.


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