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C. Zauner, B. Windholz, M. Lauermann, G. Drexler-Schmid, T. Leitgeb:
"Development of an Energy Efficient Extrusion Factory employing a latent heat storage and a high temperature heat pump";
Applied Energy, 259 (2020), 114114 - 114126.

English abstract:
Waste heat recovery and utilization is critical to cut CO2 emissions in industry. Extrusion is a generic process used to produce many different goods from various raw materials. We describe the current state of the a polymer compounding extrusion factory and describe its energy flows and processes. Currently, no waste heat recovery and utilization is common. Thus, we developed a completely new Energy Efficient Extrusion Factory concept based on an insulated hot water bath, a high temperature heat pump and a latent heat storage enabling extensive waste heat recovery and utilization within different hot processes as well as space heating. We outline our concept in great detail, describe its main technological components including simulations and present experimental results of a real demonstration factory at the company Geba Kunststofftechnik in St. Veit, Austria. Finally, we perform economical calculations for a fictitious but archetypal Energy Efficient Extrusion Factory and show that the return on investment can be less than three years.

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