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M. Pipiska, E. Krajcikova, M. Hvostik, V. Fristàk, L. Duriska, I. Cernickova, M. Kanuchova, P. Conte, G. Soja:
"Biochar from Wood Chips and Corn Cobs for Adsorption of Thioflavin T and Erythrosine B";
Materials, 15 (2022), 4; S. 1 - 20.

N. Boskovic, Z. Bílkova, M. Sudoma, L. Bielská, L. Skulcova, D. Ribitsch, G. Soja, B. Vrana, J. Hofman:
"Efects of biochar on the fate of conazole fungicides in soils and their bioavailability to earthworms and plants";
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29 (2022), 1; S. 1 - 15.

M. Pigliautile, T. König, C. Mayer, M. Colombo, G. Guazzarini, M. Muellner-Rieder, O. Aguila, C. Christophorou, A. Constantinides, R. Curia, M. Stillo, J. Arambarri, C. Schüler, E. Stögmann, P. Mecocci:
"Usability testing of the first prototype of the Memento system: a technological device to promote an independent living in people with dementia";
Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, 18 (2022).

K. Schmidt, S. Hageneder, B. Lechner, B. Zbiral, S. Fossati, Y. Ahmadi, M. Minunni, E. Reimhult, I. Barisic, J. Dostalek:
"Rolling Circle Amplification Tailored for Plasmonic Biosensors: From Ensemble to Single-Molecule Detection";
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 14 (2022), 49; S. 55017 - 55027.

J. Poles, N. Adams, G. Carey, K. Heffernan, M. Meyer, A. Schwarz, C. Mayer, B. Hametner, L. Stoner:
"Agreement Between Single- And Double-point Estimations Of Pulse Wave Velocity";
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 54 (2022), 9S; S. 29.

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