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Neueste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

F. Calabrese, H. Ameur, O. Nikoloudaki, G. Celano, M. Vacca, W. Fernandes-Lemos-Junior, M. Gobbetti:
"Metabolic framework of spontaneous and synthetic sourdough metacommunities to reveal microbial players responsible for resilience and performance | Microbiome | Full Text (biomedcentral.com)";
MICROBIOME, 10 (2022), S. 1 - 37.

A. Gippert, S. Madritsch, P. Woryna, S. Otte, M. Mayrhofer, H. Eigner, A. Garibay-Hernández, E. Molin:
"Unraveling metabolic patterns and molecular mechanisms underlying storability in sugar beet";
BMC Plant Biology, 22 (2022), 430.

P. Bhople, A. Samad, A. Sisić, L. Antonielli, A. Sessitsch, K. Keiblinger, I. Djukic, F. Zehetner, S. Zechmeister-Boltenstein, R. Joergensen, R. Murugan:
"Variations in fungal community structure along elevation gradients in contrasting Austrian Alpine ecosystems";
Applied Soil Ecology, 177 (2022).

H. Belaouni, S. Compant, L. Antonielli, B. Nikolic, A Zitouni, A. Sessitsch:
"In-depth genome analysis of Bacillus sp. BH32, a salt stress-tolerant endophyte obtained from a halophyte in a semiarid region";
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 108 (2022), S. 3113 - 3137.

C. Csorba, N. Rodić, Y. Zhao, L. Antonielli, G. Brader, A. Vlachou, E. Tsiokanos, I. Lalaymia, S Declerck, V. Papageorgiou, A. Assimopoulou, A. Sessitsch:
"Metabolite Production in Alkanna tinctoria Links Plant Development with the Recruitment of Individual Members of Microbiome Thriving at the Root-Soil Interface";
mSystems, (2022).

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