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Recent Scientific Publications

L. Lange, G. Berg, T. Cernava, M. Champomier Vergès, T. Charles, L. Cocolin, P. Cotter, K. D´Hondt, T. Kostic, E. Maguin, T. Makhalanyane, A. Meisner, M.J. Ryan, G. Seghal Kiran, R. Soares Correa de Souza, Y. Sanz, M. Schloter, H. Smidt, S. Wakelin, A. Sessitsch:
"Microbiome ethics, guiding principles for microbiome research, use and knowledge management";
Environmental Microbiome, 17 (2022), 50.

E. Haas, M. Saad, M. Santos, N. Vitulo, W. Fernandes-Lemos-Junior, A. Martins, C. Picossi, D. Favarato, R. Gaspar, D. O Magro, P. Libby, F. Laurindo, P. Da Luz:
"A red wine intervention does not modify plasma trimethylamine N-oxide but is associated with broad shifts in the plasma metabolome and gut microbiota composition";
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 286 (2022).

M. Ahmad, A. Varela Alonso, A. Koletti, N. Rodić, M. Reichelt, P. Rödel, A. Assimopoulou, O. Paun, S Declerck, C. Schneider, E. Molin:
"Dynamics of alkannin/shikonin biosynthesis in response to jasmonate and salicylic acid in Lithospermum officinale";
Scientific Reports, 12 (2022), 17093.

E. Bianchini, C. Mayer:
"Medical Device Regulation: Should We Care About It?";
Artery Research, 28 (2022), 55 - 60.

T. König, M. Pigliautile, O. Aguila, J. Arambarri, C. Christophorou, M. Colombo, A. Constantinides, R. Curia, K. Dankl, S. Hanke, C. Mayer, S. Moritsch, M. Muellner-Rieder, F. Pernkopf, C. Schüler, M. Stillo, P. Mecocci, E. Stögmann:
"User experience and acceptance of a device assisting persons with dementia in daily life: a multicenter field study";
Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, 34 (2022), 869 - 879.

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