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S. Toghyani, F. Baakes, N. Zhang, H. Kühnelt, W. Cistjakov, U. Krewer:
"Model-Based Design of High Energy All-Solid-State Li Batteries with Hybrid Electrolytes";
Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 169 (2022), 4; S. 040550 - 40563.

T. Klein, M. Paul, C. Simson, J. Niedermayer, B. Gludovatz:
"Phase decomposition upon heat-treatment of a eutectoid Ti-Fe alloy processed by dual-wire-arc additive manufacturing";
Materials Letters, 319 (2022), 132305; S. #.

D. Mauran, R. Knevels, A.N. Mishra, H. Truhetz, E. Bevacqua, H. Proske, G. Zappa, A. Brenning, H. Petschko, A. Schaffer, P. Leopold, B.L. Puxley:
"A severe landslide event in the Alpine foreland under possible future climate and land-use changes";
Commun Earth Environ, 3 (2022), 87.

L. Neidhart, K. Fröhlich, N. Eshraghi, D. Cupid, F. Winter, M. Jahn:
"Aqueous Manufacturing of Defect-Free Thick Multi-Layer NMC811 Electrodes";
Journal of Nanomaterials, Special Issue "Funcionalized Nanostructures for Novel Energy Storage Systems" (2022), 317/12.

M. Koller, J. Unterkopfer, G. Glanz, D. Lager, A. Bergmann, H. Popp:
"Radial Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Batteries—An Uncertainty Study of the Pipe Method";
BATTERIES-BASEL, 8 (2022), 16; S. 1 - 20.

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