Important Recent Publications of the Center "Low-Emission Transport"

Recent Scientific Publications

A. Paolella, W. Zhu, D. Campanella, S. Kaboli, Z. in Feng, A. Vijh:
"NASICON lithium ions conductors: Materials, composites, and batteries";
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 36 (2022).

N. Papenberg, A. Arnoldt, B. Trink, P. Uggowitzer:
"Closed die forging of a Mg-Al-Ca-Mn-Zn lean alloy";
Materials Science and Engineering A, 857 (2022), 144079; #.

M. Popovac:
"Continuous Adjoint Topology Optimization of Duct Flow Configurations with Explicit Volume Constraint for Design Variable Update";
Energies, 15 (2022).

T. Klein, A. Wojcik, A. Arnoldt:
"A hypoeutectic Al-Ni-Mg in situ composite processed by wire-arc additive manufacturing: Phase evolution and mechanical behavior";
Materials & Design, 222 (2022), 111066; #.

M. Paul, T. Klein, C. Simson, J. Niedermayer, J. Kruzic, B. Gludovatz:
"Strength and fracture resistance of in-situ alloyed compositionally-graded Al-Si processed by dual-wire-arc additive manufacturing";
Additive Manufacturing, 60 (2022), 103291; #.

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