Important Recent Publications of the Center "Digital Safety & Security"

Recent Scientific Publications

B. Huttner, R. Alléaume, E. Diamanti, P. Grangier, H. Hübel, A. Poppe, V. Martin, J. Slater, T. Spiller, W. Tittel, H. Zbinden, B. Tranier, A. Wonfor:
"Long-range QKD without trusted nodes is not possible with current technology";
Npj Quantum Information, 8 (2022), 108; 1 - 5.

F. Kanitschar, Ch. Pacher:
"Optimizing Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution with Phase-Shift Keying Modulation and Postselection";
Physical Review Applied, 18 (2022), 034073; 1 - 32.

N. Jain, H. Chin, H. Mani, C. Lupo, D. Nikolic, A. Kordts, S. Pirandola, T. Pedersen Brochmann, M. Kolb, B. Ömer, Ch. Pacher, T. Gehring, U. Andersen:
"Practical continuous-variable quantum key distribution with composable security";
Nature Communications, 13 (2022), 4740; 1 - 8.

D. Löschenbrand, M. Hofer, L. Bernado, S. Zelenbaba, T. Zemen:
"Towards Cell-Free Massive MIMO: A Measurement-Based Analysis";
IEEE Access, 10 (2022), 89232 - 89247.

F. Skopik, M. Landauer, M. Wurzenberger:
"Blind Spots of Security Monitoring in Enterprise Infrastructures: A Survey";
IEEE Security & Privacy, 20 (2022), 6; 18 - 26.

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