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C. Nägeli, L. Thuvander, H. Wallbaum, R. Cachia, S. Stortecky, A. Hainoun:
"Methodologies for Synthetic Spatial Building Stock Modelling: Data-Availability-Adapted Approaches for the Spatial Analysis of Building Stock Energy Demand";
Energies, 15 (2022), 18.

M. Spiegel, T. Strasser:
"Assessing the Value of Proactive Microgrid Scheduling";
IEEE Access, --- (2022), Volume 10; S. 51062 - 51078.

B. Fina, C. Monsberger:
"Legislation for Renewable Energy Communities and Citizen Energy Communities in Austria: Changes from the Legislative Draft to the Finally Enacted Law";
Journal of World Energy Law and Business, 00 (2022), S. 1 - 8.

A. Buruzs, M. Sipetic, B. Blank-Landeshammer, G. Zucker:
"IFC BIM Model Enrichment with Space Function Information Using Graph Neural Networks";
Energies, Energies (2022), 15; S. 2937.1 - 2937.12.

C. Reichl, S. Both, P. Mascherbauer, J. Emhofer:
"Comparison of Two CFD Approaches Using Constant and Temperature Dependent Heat Capacities during the Phase Transition in PCMs with Experimental and Analytical Results";
PROCESSES, 10 (2022), 302; S. 25.

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