Important Recent Publications of the Center "Energy"

Recent Scientific Publications

L. Yongqiang, D. Cui, L. Hu, F. Ochs, A. Tosatto, G. Xu, Z. Tian, A. Dahash, Y. Jinghua, L. Yanfeng, Y. Chen, D. Wang, Y. Liu, J. Fan:
"Semi-analytical modeling of large-scale water tank for seasonal thermal storage applications";
Energy and Buildings, 278 (2022).

M. Makoschitz:
"Unidirectional medium voltage rectifier utilizing sinusoidal input currents";
IET electronic letters, 58 (2022), 12; 474 - 476.

D Horak, A. Hainoun, G. Neugebauer, G. Stoeglehner:
"A review of spatio-temporal urban energy system modeling for urban decarbonization strategy formulation";
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 162 (2022).

L. Kabosová, A. Chronis, T. Galanos, S. Kmet, D. Katunský:
"Shape Optimization during Design for Improving Outdoor Wind Comfort and Solar Radiation in Cities";
Building and Environment, 226 (2022).

T. Galanos, A. Chronis:
"Time for Change-The InFraRed Revolution: How AI-Driven Tools Can Reinvent Design for Everyone";
Architectural Design, 92 (2022), 3; 108 - 115.

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