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L. Yongqiang, D. Cui, L. Hu, F. Ochs, A. Tosatto, G. Xu, Z. Tian, A. Dahash, Y. Jinghua, L. Yanfeng, Y. Chen, D. Wang, Y. Liu, J. Fan:
"Semi-analytical modeling of large-scale water tank for seasonal thermal storage applications";
Energy and Buildings, 278 (2022).

L. Lange, G. Berg, T. Cernava, M. Champomier Vergès, T. Charles, L. Cocolin, P. Cotter, K. D´Hondt, T. Kostic, E. Maguin, T. Makhalanyane, A. Meisner, M.J. Ryan, G. Seghal Kiran, R. Soares Correa de Souza, Y. Sanz, M. Schloter, H. Smidt, S. Wakelin, A. Sessitsch:
"Microbiome ethics, guiding principles for microbiome research, use and knowledge management";
Environmental Microbiome, 17 (2022), 50.

B. Huttner, R. Alléaume, E. Diamanti, P. Grangier, H. Hübel, A. Poppe, V. Martin, J. Slater, T. Spiller, W. Tittel, H. Zbinden, B. Tranier, A. Wonfor:
"Long-range QKD without trusted nodes is not possible with current technology";
Npj Quantum Information, 8 (2022), 108; S. 1 - 5.

E. Newham, P. Gill, M. Benton, P. Brewer, N. Gostling, D. Haberthür, J. Jernvall, T. Kankanpää, A. Kallonen, C. Navarro, A. Pacureanu, K. Richards, K. Robson Brown, P. Schneider, H. Suhonen, P. Tafforeau, K. Williams, B. Zeller-Plumhoff, I. Corfe:
"Reply to: Revisiting life history and morphological proxies for early mammaliaform metabolic rates";
Nature Communications, 13 (2022), 5564; S. 1 - 4.

A. Paolella, W. Zhu, D. Campanella, S. Kaboli, Z. in Feng, A. Vijh:
"NASICON lithium ions conductors: Materials, composites, and batteries";
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 36 (2022).

T. Bieg, C. Gerdenitsch, I. Schwaninger, B. Kern, C. Frauenberger:
"Evaluating Active and Assisted Living technologies: Critical methodological reflections based on a longitudinal randomized controlled trial";
Computers in Human Behavior, 133 (2022), 107249; S. 1 - 21.

S. Daimer, I. Marschalek, V. Blok, M. Bernstein, R. Braun, J. Cohen, M. Hofer, L. Seebacher, E. Unterfrauner, M. Nieminen, M. Vinther Christensen, R. Kumar Thapa:
"The social lab as a method for experimental engagement in participatory research";
Journal of Responsible Innovation, nicht bekannt (2022), S. 1 - 24.

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