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Recent Scientific Publications

S. Sareen, V. Albert-Seifried, L. Aelenei, F. Reda, G. Etminan, M. B. Andreucci, M. Kuzmic, N. Maas, O. Seco, P. Civiero, S. Gohari, M. Hukkalainen, H. Neumann:
"Ten questions concerning positive energy districts";
Building and Environment, Volume 216 (2022), 109017.

M. Pigliautile, T. König, C. Mayer, M. Colombo, G. Guazzarini, M. Muellner-Rieder, O. Aguila, C. Christophorou, A. Constantinides, R. Curia, M. Stillo, J. Arambarri, C. Schüler, E. Stögmann, P. Mecocci:
"Usability testing of the first prototype of the Memento system: a technological device to promote an independent living in people with dementia";
Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, 18 (2022).

L. Ruzicka, M. Cesari, B. Högl, A. Ibrahim, E. Holzknecht, M. Bergmann, E. Brandauer, A. Heidbreder, H. Garn, B. Kohn, A. Stefani:
"Validation of 3D video automatic analysis to identify rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder";
Journal of Sleep Research, 31 (2022), 49.

E. Newham, P. Gill, M. Benton, P. Brewer, N. Gostling, D. Haberthür, J. Jernvall, T. Kankanpää, A. Kallonen, C. Navarro, A. Pacureanu, K. Richards, K. Robson Brown, P. Schneider, H. Suhonen, P. Tafforeau, K. Williams, B. Zeller-Plumhoff, I. Corfe:
"Reply to: Revisiting life history and morphological proxies for early mammaliaform metabolic rates";
Nature Communications, 13 (2022), 5564; 1 - 4.

D. Campanella, S. Krachkovskiy, G. Bertoni, G. Gazzadi, M. Golozar, S. Kaboli, S. Savoie, G. Girard, A. Gheorghe Nita, K. Okhotnikov, Z. Feng, A. Guerfi, A. Vijh, R. Gauvin, D. Belanger, A. Paolella:
"Metastable properties of garnet type Li5La3Bi2O12 solid electrolyte towards low temperature pressure driven densification";
Journal of materials chemistry A, 11 (2023), 364 - 373.

A. S. Baetzner, R. Wespi, Y. Hill, L. Gyllencreutz, T. Sauter, B.-I. Saveman, S. Mohr, G. Regal, C. Wrzus, M. O. Frenkel:
"Preparing medical first responders for crises: A systematic literature review of disaster training programs and their effectiveness";
Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, 30 (2022), 76.

M. Bernstein, L. Brooks, S. Cannizzaro, S. Umbrello, K. Richardson:
"Ethics of climate engineering: Don’t forget technology has an ethical aspect too";
International Journal of Information Management, 63 (2022), 102449.

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