Important Recent Publications of the Center "Vision, Automation & Control"

Recent Scientific Publications

E. Newham, P. Gill, M. Benton, P. Brewer, N. Gostling, D. Haberthür, J. Jernvall, T. Kankanpää, A. Kallonen, C. Navarro, A. Pacureanu, K. Richards, K. Robson Brown, P. Schneider, H. Suhonen, P. Tafforeau, K. Williams, B. Zeller-Plumhoff, I. Corfe:
"Reply to: Revisiting life history and morphological proxies for early mammaliaform metabolic rates";
Nature Communications, 13 (2022), 5564; 1 - 4.

L. Ginner, S. Breuss, L. Traxler:
"Fast Inline Microscopic Computational Imaging";
MDPI Sensors, Sensors (2022), 22 (18); 1 - 11.

T. Hausberger, A. Kugi, A. Eder, W. Kemmetmüller:
"Cooperative Model Predictive Control Concepts for Coupled AC/DC- and DC/DC-Power Converters";
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, - (2022), 359 - 369.

L. Tarra, A. Deutschmann-Olek, V. Stummer, T. Flöry, A. Baltuska, A. Michailovas, A. Kugi:
"Modellierung und Regelung aktiv gütegeschalteter Laser";
at - Automatisierungstechnik, vol. 70 (2022), no. 8; 682 - 691.

F. Rötzer, L. Dörschel, A. Deutschmann-Olek, D. Abel, A. Kugi:
"Nonlinear model predictive control of a radiative heating process with movable radiators";
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, vol. 32 (2022), no. 17; 9195 - 9212.

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