Important Recent Publications of the Center "Technology Experience"

Recent Scientific Publications

M. Nieminen, M. Bernstein, J. Cohen, U. Wunderle, E. Frankus, R. Tabarés, A. Loeber, E. Griessler, V. Blok, H. Hönigmayer:
"Challenges in the implementation of responsible research and innovation across Horizon 2020";
Journal of Responsible Innovation, nicht bekannt (2022).

T. Bieg, C. Gerdenitsch, I. Schwaninger, B. Kern, C. Frauenberger:
"Evaluating Active and Assisted Living technologies: Critical methodological reflections based on a longitudinal randomized controlled trial";
Computers in Human Behavior, 133 (2022), 107249; 1 - 21.

M. O. Frenkel, K.M. Pollak, O. Schilling, L. Voigt, B. Fritzsching, C. Wrzus, S. Egger-Lampl, U. Merle, M. A. Weigand, S. Mohr:
"Stressors faced by healthcare professionals and coping strategies during the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany";
PLoS ONE, 17 (2022), (1):e0261502; 25 pages.

M. Reisinger, S. Prost, J. Schrammel, P. Fröhlich:
"User Requirements for the Design of Smart Homes: Dimensions and Goals";
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, (2022), 1 - 20.

M. Hartner-Tiefenthaler, M. Goisauf, C. Gerdenitsch, S. Koeszegi:
"Remote Working in a Public Bureaucracy: Redeveloping Practices of Managerial Control When Out of Sight";
Frontiers in Psychology, 12:606375 (2021), 12 pages.

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