Important Recent Publications of the Center "Innovation Systems & Policy"

Recent Scientific Publications

S. Daimer, I. Marschalek, V. Blok, M. Bernstein, R. Braun, J. Cohen, M. Hofer, L. Seebacher, E. Unterfrauner, M. Nieminen, M. Vinther Christensen, R. Kumar Thapa:
"The social lab as a method for experimental engagement in participatory research";
Journal of Responsible Innovation, nicht bekannt (2022), 1 - 24.

M. Nieminen, M. Bernstein, J. Cohen, U. Wunderle, E. Frankus, R. Tabarés, A. Loeber, E. Griessler, V. Blok, H. Hönigmayer:
"Challenges in the implementation of responsible research and innovation across Horizon 2020";
Journal of Responsible Innovation, nicht bekannt (2022).

P. Biegelbauer, M. Kofranek, D. Wilhelmer:
"Die Transformation durch Prozesse der Stadtplanung unterstützen: ein Planungstool";
Gaia-Ecological Perspectives For Science And Society, 31 (2022), 2; 85 - 93.

M. Bernstein, J. Richter, M. Farooque:
"The process to find a process for governance: Nuclear waste management and consent-based siting in the United States";
Energy Research & Social Science, 87 (2022), 102473.

M. Bernstein, R. Smith, T. Franssen, M. de Wilde:
"The European Commission’s Green Deal is an opportunity to rethink harmful practices of research and innovation policy";
AMBIO, nicht bekannt (2022).

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