Important Recent Publications of the Center "Energy"

Recent Scientific Publications

S. Götz, R. Wibowo, M. Bauch, N. Bansal, G. Ligorio, E. List-Kratochvil, C. Linke, E. Franzke, J. Winkler, M. Valtiner, T. Dimopoulos:
"Transparent electrodes based on molybdenum-titanium-oxide with increased water stability for use as hole-transport / hole-injection components";
Journal of Materials Science, 57 (2022),; 8752 - 8766.

R. Wibowo, K. Rauchenwald, S. Edinger, N. Bansal, S. Diebald, D. Habenbacher, T. Dimopoulos:
"Flexible Transparent Heater Fabricated from Spray-Coated In:ZnO/Ag-NWs/In:ZnO Multilayers on Polyimide Foil";
Nanomaterials, 12 (2022), ISSN 2079-4991,; 1 - 13.

Y. Yu, D. Reihs, S. Wagh, A. Shekhar, D. Stahleder, G. Mouli, F. Lehfuss, A. Bauer:
"Data-Driven Study of Low Voltage Distribution Grid Behaviour With Increasing Electric Vehicle Penetration";
IEEE Access, Volume 10 (2022), Volume 10; 6053 - 6070.

A. Rey-Boué, N. Guerrero-Rodriguez, J. Stöckl, T. Strasser:
"Enhanced Control of Three-Phase Grid-Connected Renewables with Fault Ride-Through Capability under Voltage Sags";
ELECTRONICS, 11 (2022), Volume 9; 17.

B. Fina, M. Schwebler, C. Monsberger:
"Different technologies' impacts on the economic viability, energy flows and emissions of energy communities";
Sustainability, 14 (2021), 4993; 1 - 20.

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