Important Recent Publications of the AIT

Recent Scientific Publications

B. Fina, C. Monsberger:
"Legislation for Renewable Energy Communities and Citizen Energy Communities in Austria: Changes from the Legislative Draft to the Finally Enacted Law";
Journal of World Energy Law and Business, 00 (2022), 1 - 8.

M. Gorfer, L. Borruso, E. Deltedesco, E. Gichuhi, D. Menge, D. Makihara, N. Praeg, S. Cesco, T. Mimmo, L. Merbold, S. Leitner:
"The effect of environmental parameters and fertilization practices on yield and soil microbial diversity in a Kenyan paddy rice field";
Applied Soil Ecology, 176 (2022).

J. Mosbacher, M. Waser, H. Garn, S. Seiler, C. Coronel, P. Dal-Bianco, T. Benke, M. Deistler, G. Ransmayr, F. Mayer, G. Sanin, A. Lechner, H. Lackner, P. Schwingenschuh, D. Grossegger, R. Schmidt:
"Functional (un-)Coupling: Impairment, Compensation, and Future Progression in Alzheimer's Disease";
Clinical EEG and neuroscience, 53 (2021), 1.

E. Newham, P. Gill, K. Robson Brown, N. Gostling, I. Corfe, P. Schneider:
"A robust, semi-automated approach for counting cementum increments imaged with synchrotron X-ray computed tomography";
PLoS ONE, 16 (2021), -; e0249743.

M. Schlögl, P. Dorninger, M. Kwapisz, M. Ralbovsky, R. Spielhofer:
"Remote Sensing Techniques for Bridge Deformation Monitoring at Millimetric Scale: Investigating the Potential of Satellite Radar Interferometry, Airborne Laser Scanning and Ground-Based Mobile Laser Scanning";

M. O. Frenkel, K.M. Pollak, O. Schilling, L. Voigt, B. Fritzsching, C. Wrzus, S. Egger-Lampl, U. Merle, M. A. Weigand, S. Mohr:
"Stressors faced by healthcare professionals and coping strategies during the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany";
PLoS ONE, 17 (2022), (1):e0261502; 25 pages.

A. Klitkou, S. Bolwig, A. Huber, L. Ingeborgrud, P. Pluciński, H. Rohracher, D. Schartinger, M. Thiene, P. Zuk:
"The interconnected dynamics of social practices and their implications for transformative change: A review";
Sustainable Production and Consumption, 31 (2022), 603 - 614.

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